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Wandering atrial pacemaker, etc

Results from 24 ecg said I have lots of svts, constant ectopic beats and a wandering atrial pacemaker. But that was info over the phone so need to find out implications if I can get to see my doctor within next few weeks. He did not sound unduly concerned, but then he wouldn't, would he? Half an atenolol takes my pulse down. I've also has a few BP spikes to 160/105 but quite short lived. So I am worried as I need to know things. My heart always feels better when I go for a walk, it's sitting around I feel it is struggling, maybe at 68 it is. I suppose the very worst scenario is that it stops altogether.

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Why are you waiting 2 weeks for an appointment. You clearly are worried about this so tell them it is an emergency because for you it is. Get the info you need from your doctor or do as Tracy suggests.


Thanks Traci and Andy. My surgery is like that! Monday morning is hopeless so will try for emergency appt on Tuesday. No use seeing just any doctor though. Then I will ask for cardio appointment. I have been researching and (apparently) WAP usually does not require treatment, ectopic beats are supposedly harmless and svts are given betablockers. But I still need to hear it from the horse's mouth,so to speak. in a way I feel almost relieved that something has been found because I'm fed up with being told it's anxiety. If it was immediately life-threatening I would be dead by now! At least it doesn't appear to be AF as he said my heart was in sinus rythmn. I'll ring the nurse tomorrow - I looked up her number. I'm actually not as terrified as I was before I was told the results. Cloud cuckoo land?

From what I have read its ablation or pacemaker in worst case scenario. Or maybe just betablockers. I had a perfusion stress test a year ago and was told there was no sign of coronary heart disease.


Exercise usually stops ectopic beats so don't be afraid of it. I keep on repeating that a friends wife with ectopic beats runs three miles every day and goes on walking/trekking holidays several times a year. From your symptoms no way is it going to stop.

I had a pacemaker fitted on Friday. I was amused at the pre assessment prior to it. When I complained to the doctor about other health issues she said your heart is the only one that matters and we will never let it stop. While I criticise many NHS departments on slowness and ageism that does not happen in cardiology.

I had my aortic valve replaced three years ago when I was 77. My neighbour of 83 had a quad bypass and his aortic valve replaced.

When I went to cardio rehab after my surgery I was amazed that as the oldest there I was the fittest. Probably because I don't drive and walk every where.


Hello Seasider - I am a Seasider as well. Got an appointment with my GP this morning. He was so nice and understanding as I felt like a pest. I had identified a consultant specialising in arythmia and asked to be referred to him. Which he did but I will have to wait about a month probably. Still I've had them longer than that. I had 4436 ectopic beats in the 24 hours, a few short (three beat) SVTS and this WAP.

He let me read the report and drew some diagrams, took some blood to ensure my heart was not bring damaged (something else to witter about until I know). All in all a rewarding and reassuring appointment, but then I get on well with this doctor as he understands my need to know.

I hope your pacemaker works out well and you enjoy life.

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