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Should I get tested?

Hi, I'm new ... And was hoping someone could help... I just found out my dads two brothers and female cousin have fh... My cousins cholesterol was 8.4 .

My dad had his cholesterol tested a few years back and it was high(5.4 I think) I also had mine done a few years back and it was high (6.5 ) I have pcos and just put it down to that.. Do you think I should be tested again and let my doctor know this has come to light? My dad is away for the next 3 weeks so he can't do any thing right now ...

I find this slightly worrying, as my grandad and uncle on my mums side have both had heart attacks although I don't know details.

Any advice/info would be amazing .. Thank you in advance.


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Please resend your answer. Bala


Thank you,


Absolutely yes you should be tested. From your entry it would appear that you have had no problems that you are aware of. Neither did I and then I had a heart attack. It was only then I was diagnosed with FH! I recommend that you do everything you can to avoid a heart attack, they turn your life upside down for a while. I was lucky and got away with it, just a stent and little/no damage. If you are put on statins be aware that some people, me included, can not tolerate them so you will need to be patient. Good luck.


Hi, Depending on the age, you need full blood test, cholesterol ratio, LDL,HDL an triglyceride. Google on all four to get a better understanding. You also need HbA1c blood test as well. Life style change and going to the gym can reduce cholesterol, first try this before considering medication!



Don't be afraid of going to the doctor. Simply having had a previous reading of 6.5 is more than good enough reason for a follow-up test.


Insist your GP send you for a fasting blood test. Cardiologists like to see the overall level at 4 or below according to my GP. I've had an angioplasty(stents) and my bloods are tested every three months and I am on Rusavastatin 10mg with no side affects and I've got mine down from 7.8 to 4.7. Best of luck.


Hi, Did you see the question on fasting blood test the other day? Why do you have to fast for 12 hours for a chelesterol test? Fasting blood test is only necessary for blood sugar level!! On Cholesteral testing it is imperative to get all four checked, cholesterol ratio, HDL,LDL and triglyceride.


Whow - did you expect so many responses? Thirty years ago, two young mums , with family histories like yours, set up a charity which is now the cholesterol charity, HEART UK, mentioned by Traci. It is now recognised as a world authority on Familial Hypercholesterolaemia so please contact them.


Sorry to be a bit nosey but how did your family members who have been told they have FH get diagnosed? Was this on cholesterol levels alone or did they have genetic testing?


Hi, I am happy you asked this question, we all need to know. My question is are there any other test available for check blood velocity? What is the correct level of blood velocity? How do we check for any blockage in the blood pump and flow system?

By giving one unit for blood, the body produce new blood, will this help in lowering the cholesterol? There are many more questions


Wow so many answers , thank you ... Ok I'm not sure if they have had genetic testing, I don't think so my uncle had a heart attack and they told him after that he had it ... My cousin went for full blood tests as she suffers really bad with pcos and the results came back then when she told my auntie she told her about her dad ... Her doc has said that it is fh and has told her to tell us all to get tested for it! He was particularly worried about my male cousin and has booked an emergency app for him!?

When my uncle had the heart attack he told his brothers to be tested one brother had high cholesterol ( he is in oz so I don't know what they did?) and my dads was 5.4. Nothing was done about my dad? Just told to live healthy.

My nan said that my uncle on my mums side is now on statin?

If I remember right I had a fasting test... But what they checked for I don't know! ?

I only found out about this yesterday and before then I had never heard of it! I'm amazed at how serious it is.

I'm 34 have pcos but no other medical complaints .

Thank you so much, I've been reading some of your reccomend sites and they are really helpful

M x


15!!!! Wow .. How did you get it down? I hope you don't mind asking but how did you find out ?

Thank you again so much x


Hi, An interesting story. It is imperative that you go for a HbA1c blood test. First Google HbA1c to understand what it is all about, sooner the better. Good luck.


I looked at thatand thought the same thing .. I don't have diabetes although I do take metformin for pcos ... And that can help reduce cholesterol I believe?? X

I do have a I pad so I will look for the app... And I'm gonna give my doc a ring next week x


What is pcos? The HbAC1 test is for diabetes, it measures the amount of glucose that has "stuck" to the red blood cells over the past three months and is given as a percentage.

It's a better indicator of your glucose levels over a longer period.

High cholesterol levels may indicate FH...but not always, although I suppose the medics must have been pretty sure to have told your uncle he had it.


An thanks .. It's all very confusing :-/


... I don't know ..I haven't spoken to my uncle directly. They told my cousin to go back in 3 months for more tests so maybe that's what for?

Pcos is polycystic ovary syndrome .


Thanks. I'm not any sort of expert (just looked it up! ) but PCOS makes you insulin resistant, it raises your insulin levels which is why probably you're on metaformin.

PCOS also associated with raised cholesterol levels...don't know whether this is another part of the puzzle or adding to the confusion!i


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