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chronic heart failure

Hello. I am helping to look after my 86 year old Father with this condition and finding it tough. We want to keep him at home as long as possible. He has become very immobile and anxious, has swollen legs and fluid seeping through from them. They need dressed at least twice a day. Is anyone else coping with these issues with a family member? he has begun to retain more fluid and Metolozone doesn't seem to be making any difference now.

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He needs Frusomide water tablets like a.s.a.p.for the swelling .

these pills will get rid of excess water, you may need to have a Catheter installed if he is bed bound.

I am, just a Patient and know that Frusomide are given to all patients suffering from fluid retention. which is dangerous,

keep his feet raised

A dr. must see him to get the pills prescribed.

Hoping this helps you in the short term.

I have taken Frusomide for more than 20 years.

and find most people do this for Blood Pressure and Circulation problems....

Good Luck..........Pat ....


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