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Slight enlargement of left atrium

So i am in the U.S. but i am 32 female

5'11 and 160lbs. I work out 6 days a week. I went to my cardiologist about 3 weeks ago. Has chest xray, normal, all cholesterol thyroid and liver was normal. Ekg was normal but ecg showed slight left afrium enlargement of the heart. Im terrified. I have a stress test tomorrow And i fear for the worst. I went to the er about 5 weeks ago with sob and they said anxiety. I had ultrasound of legs, chest scan and d-dimer to rule out clots. All was normal that is why i did follow up. I saw a neuro because i had ear ringing. Had MRA, MRI of cervical spine and MRI with and without contrast all was normal. Im scared.

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Please do not be scared. Stress test, is it a 12-lead test? Google stress test, read about it and write down all the questions you want to ask, if you can write down all the answers.

You may need to consider life style change, food intake control and regular exercise. I had both 12 lead electro cardiogram (stress test on a tread mill) and echo cardiogram , this was just to make sure there were no problems due to elevated cholesterol, all OK ,no medication required at the moment! Went for private screening to check both legs and neck, all OK, picked up some thing called BBB but cardiologist said this may have been there at birth!. How is you blood pressure and general health? Take it easy and wait for your appointment.

Good luck, please give an update. Thanks.


my blood pressure is actually really good its 90 over 55 my poles resting is 70 or lower and my cholesterol is wonderful my cardiologists said my cholesterol is awesome and I eat very healthy and I exercise 6 days a week I do pretty high intense workouts and I'm 32 female and I know my hormones are kind of crazy but just this is kind of nerve wracking because I haven't ever had this before and I read that athletes can have this thing called a athletrs heart so its just concerning to me


I would continue to investigate this. Don't know what part of the states ur in but I'm in Northern Virginia area and Fairfax Virginia has one of the best facilities along with Georgetowm Hospital in DC. My daughter was born with this but fortunately grew out of it over time and is normal now. I'd do some research cuz there r a host of underlying factors and it will also give u some ammo for questions to ask. Best of luck and keep me posted.......peace


I had stress test today and all is normal with ekg and stress test. I asked about the echo showing enlargement and he said actually it is wmaller than what it was 3 years ago. Said its normal for me and to not worry. He wants me to go see a hormone doctor


Good news ,all OK. Do not worry, enjoy life.

Please make sure you keep all records, some tie different specialist look at things very differently. I take it during the stress test your BP went very high. For me it went very high and the nurse asked me if I had high blood pressure!. It is normal for BP to go high during stress test and towards the end of the test.

Good luck with you next appointment with your doctor.


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