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I'm tired trying to get appointments when needing to see a doctor,sometimes it's over two weeks,it hazzle trying to book on the phone,like being in a boxing ring,never knowing which doctor I am going to see.,sadly many i find it hard to talk to,as they come and go so fast....and always talking to a different person on the also hazzle finding a decent dentist too, who is not putting their pockets I'm starting to think our health system is on overload....please could anybody part of this site,health unlocked who has knowledge or uses heathland plans which delivers a better system than what I am having to deal with at the moment.....maybe a service which people can pay monthly into, so I can put my health care issues at rest, when I really need the support....


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  • Before joining a private healthcare scheme, I'd contact your local Patient Advice and Liason Service - If nothing else, they should be able to register a complaint against your current crap GP practice (I thought appointments by telephone roulette and random doctors had nearly died out) and tell you if there's another one you could use. They should also be able to tell you which dentists are taking NHS patients if the website information isn't up to date (I've not tried it recently).

  • In general I'm not against doctors or the health service,deep down sadly this is about the poor funding of public surgeries and poor funding of health care....our nurses work hard....but yes what i come across since I moved house over 5 years ago I have found shocking and insulting to public care....our government fill their pockets,they have private health care,they have the educated to plan our health service for the 21st century but allow it to run like the 70s....I'm sure new housing estates get top surgeries etc....but what I'm finding out fast,especially where I live,the older estates etc are completely being run down....and due to patient increases the system is on overload.....i could sit here all day but does it not really matter...until we have real educated people in power to plan ahead etc...many hard working tax payers will suffer...

  • Just be thankful you have the NHS. It IS there when you need it as I have had cause to know over the years. Don't knock it, it's brilliant if you are really ill. You could be in America where they'd just leave you to die I suppose if you can't afford the drugs/treatment you need, assuming you hadn't paid into their eyewateringly expensive health care insurance. And even our European neighbours don't have the same level of care that we have. You can always change your GP.

    Re. getting appointments at the GP surgeries: yes, there is a problem with waiting times and it is well documented, however you could use the online booking system instead of the phone. Also surgeries do have a same day number of appointments for urgent cases. You do need to phone for those though - on the day itself.

  • I'm not against the NHS.....our hospitals are first class with the care they give.......but outside that area the system has lived so much in the past because of poor funding and big increases in patient numbers.....but people in power earn thousands,many highly educated,many over paid and totally let the system down,while they attend private care....all I wanted to know was is their another choice....I'm lost why the state ignor poor company laws that force people to work 24/7.....but allow surgeries to work like they are still in the 70s, they are over loaded and give a poor limited service..... And alot of hard working taxes payers suffer....

  • Actually one of the biggest problems in the NHS be it hospitals or GP surgeries is there are too many managers and not enough doctors and nurses. They have too many boxes to tick and too much paperwork generally which gives them less time for doing what we all think they should be doing. I'm retired so can go to an appt at the surgery whenever but most people have to take time off work to visit their GP and when surgeries only open in office hours it must make life difficult. I also think it depends where you live too, maybe I'm just lucky.

    Re the GPs I do think we can lay the blame fairly at the feet of the last labour govt who in 2004 allowed the GPs to opt out of 'out of hours' without putting another plan in place, then giving them a huge rise in salary for doing less. Now Milliband et al have the gall to suggest they are the only party to be trusted with the NHS !! sorry I didn't mean to become political but it does need mentioning!

  • Where I live I do not see any problem, have to wait to see a specific doctor, may be few days, same day appointment to see any doctor. Had a referral from Boots to the hospital for right eye to be laser correction after a cataract side effect. Referral was in September and appointment was for last week and all OK.

    I am afraid I get good service.

  • It's caring you do get a good service

  • me too Bala, no complaints.

  • I know what the healthcare is in other parts of Europe and a glad of the NHS with all it`s faults we are so lucky even if the last Labour government made a total cock up of it and opened it`s doors to the world along with letting private companies build hospitals and we rent them back.

    That said,we actually do have one of the best public medical services in the world ,just keep on at your local MP to keep it that way ,the lying bastards really do want to get rid of it no matter what they say in public.

  • Yes,the last government did really mess up and over spent on nanny state policies..... This naturally has and does have a knock on effect.....the ground working staff in the health service do really work hard I'm sure...sadly their are to many over paid upper management who kill the bigger picture....and greed of top bosses,cutting working class wages even things have to break etc....i will go to see the doc tomorrow, even if it was closed when I visited Wednesday afternoon....because the pain is to much after 6 days....and that's real pain...phoning is no go because of the pain...

  • Dave,suggest you try a walk in clinic ,you should have one locally go on your local health site or googgle it

  • Yes I should modernise..... I will walk to the surgery but I'm always thinking of others and I know it's so busy...etc....i get so annoyed when others find it hard to get appointments..... So many people here have been supportive and I will take their advice in due course, hopefully the pills I got from the hospital will finally kill alittle pain,to clear my head so I can patiently sort out a few issues.... But thankyou for your care

  • So on balance dav67 why not try and change your GP practice, there are some good ones around and you do have the right. One of my daughters has lived in France for years and they have to pay to see a GP and pay extra if their named dr is not there for any reason, even if the GP is on holiday. With 2 sporty sons [grown up now] there was always one with a break or sprain and each hospital visit had to be paid for.

    Conversely my son who also lives abroad [but not in the EU] wanted me to send him copies of his vaccination certificates. As he hasn't lived here for 20 years I anticipated a problem. I was right! He is quite untraceable via the NHS and had to have his vaccinations all over again at a whopping cost of £350.00!! Luckily he can claim the cost back from work but it goes to show how much we take for granted.

  • I did try to change practice, but every time I made a call,all the others were fully booked...a nurse told me waite for somebody to die....I've lived overseas and had to pay for treatment in the past but because of the quality of treatment I could not complain.... I'm not against our health service but naturally I have my concerns,so I ask questions like anybody else would do, being on this site with their different issues...i sincerely don't think most hard, working class people take our health service for granted, many pay high taxes to support it...who at times rarely use it....this is really big issue to understand and I'm sure gets people talking....

  • Yes, but as we become older then we are more likely to need the NHS - even if you aren't ill they will find something to lure you in to the surgery for - a test for this or that perhaps - just a load of box ticking which makes them feel good and the patients cross.

    I was called in for a health check 2 years ago and they discovered hypertension. OK so it's useful to know so it can be treated but I thoroughly resented being told by the assistant [not even a proper nurse] that 'I was 70' [when she found hypertension] as though I should be shunted into an old folks home. Following on from that i was subject to all sorts of blood tests and ultimately I was questioned over my exercise regime - this was yet nother box ticking exercise - did I cycle, swim, go to the gym, run or walk? Any of those things other than walking would have been in my favour but I could only enter 'walking' and this was apparently way down the scale in terms of exercise. I got so cross that the health woman lied and said I went to the gym because she could see I was obviously pretty fit yet despite walking daily for at least half an hour this didn't count and I knew that the next step would be a load of c**p from the NHS on 'improving my fitness' !!

  • NHS health check, nine of them is available for 40 to 70. The people in the GP surgery who works in ticking the box do not have enough experience and they need proper training, this was my finding. Walking for 30 minutes a day or more is a better exercise and it is free in the fresh air where as a gym is full of bugs! Many people in the 60s and 70s are fit because of their life style!

    And also the food intake, not ready made food!!

    I tried very hard to get involved to pass on my knowledge to my GP practice, the GP management think in a different way.

    The other day a lady was buying roast beef cuts and roast chicken cuts, this protein for breakfast! On a LCHF food intake and had a good conversation.

  • Quite agree Bala. it all boils down to the fact that we only have one life and it is up to us to make the best of it and to take care of our own bodies. No one can do it better.

  • Yes you are so right...sadly alot don't get that chance because they are not that strong in life.....

  • Action speaks louder than words!

  • Yes true.... But the pain stopped me thinking alittle until I'd had enough of it.....and i should of done more quicker.... Now I'm recovering and will hit the gym next week as part of my weekly routeen....and be more aware of more things around me,because of some caring replies...

  • I have the same problem - waiting 2 weeks for an appointment. I have found that if you tell the receptionist what the problem is and they think it could be serious they will get you in the same day. This has happened to me on 2 occasions. One of the problems at my surgery is people not attending their appointments - about 60-70 miss their appointments each week which is not fair to the people who are genuinely in need of help.

  • Some GP practice use modern technology and send SMS to inform of appointments! Why do people miss appointments? Not a health problem.?

    GP practice had recorded announcement and the one press a number to get to appointments. The person at the call center do ask basic questions to see if you can be offered same day appointment.

    This is my understanding!

  • In the past I did just request to book with the nurse,it was quicker but then the doctor just ignored them I decided this time,I went to A@E sadly, they did understand my feelings....if people were wasting time, a booking fee need to be charged, if repeated..... I know, I'm not the only person with these concerns....managers etc maybe need to look alot closer at these issues....just look at some of the feedback people have given me.....some might help you here....i know when people get hit hard,fast with pain,they can't think that fast or clearly....but nobody should have to struggle on the phone etc...i just think if people are being forced to work 24/7....and nurses, why are other professional people being allowed just office hours,when society has gone 24 hours around the clock....thankyou for your reply and understanding.... It clear maybe many people could be facing the same issues...

  • Tell the receptionist what your problem is ? NO Way, that is between you and your doctor ,it is not in a receptionists job description to make medical decisions about you..Next time just say "I want to see my doctor"

  • My wife tried to see the doctor she has to waite 8 days....i told them to close down,I find it insulting.... They said we should phone,but we could never get appointments and they never really picked up,waiting over an hour,it was quicker visiting and trying to get an appointment.. Well trying....8 days later.....this is not a public service.... Would you wait 8 days for a bus...then why should you for a doctor if you have wife will have to go to a walk in centre....or next a@e.....but naturally her doctor should be first,not last....

  • I am afraid it is the UK system! Ring for appointment, you cannot see a Dr without any appointment. My GP practice is the same, managed by managers! Need appointment to see a GP, nurse and HCA. For emergency, the GP practice do offer same day appointment to see any DR.

    Some practice have walk in sessions without any appointment in the afternoon. Some time it may be better to talk to a chemist to get medication while waiting for DR's appointment.

    This is a loosing battle for may people.

  • Perhaps a complaint to your local patients group and / or local health authority ,local MP about your problem. It seems your local doctors have taken on far too many patients for them to cope with.

  • The surgery receptionist phoned to say my GP needed to see me - first appointment 26 days away.!!!

  • I found. Your reply shocking 26 days.....

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