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What is the expert view and GP view on statin?


Please watch BBC I player, second episode on "Trust me I am a doctor". Very interesting.

I am not sure if my GP practice have any comments to make. Health MOT and private health screening necessary? Money making system? and many more.

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The programme had the debate about statins that we discussed last week and I was pleased that Dr Michael had had the same dilemma about taking statins himself. He started , then stopped and now has started again!

Dr Rory Collins is firmly in the "everyone over 50 should be taking them " camp whereas the "jobbing" GP probably sees side effects every day in his surgery as my GP tells me he does.

They could make a whole programme just about statins, now there's an idea for Dr Michael's next series.

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I found the debate loaded. It centred around lowering of cholesterol versus side effects. I would have appreciated verification of cholesterol levels 'proven' to cause heart disease.

The claimed 40% reduction in CVD events passed unquestioned. Now, potentially, people will have watched the programme and think that 40% of people have fewer CVD events as a result of taking statins, whereas the actual figures in real terms are less than six in a thousand (and this isn't due to lowering cholesterol).


I would like to communicate with Dr Michael, could you please let me how I could achieve this. May be through Heart UK? An excellent idea on a programme on Station and another programme on health screening. This may save money for NHS and UK population. The advertisement in new papers for private health screening is very forceful, may god for a small number of people.

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Write to him, care of the BBC in London.


Managed to fine agent's email address by calling BBC, sl@factualmanagement.com

Have already sent an email. Will let you all have the response.


Have received a response from BBC:

Thanks so much for your interest Bala .

I have watched many of his programme, all the programmes are excellent.

Have suggestions for three programme:

•Satins, advantages and disadvantages.

•Understanding and testing of cholesterol.

•Health checks by NHS and Private health screening.

I have passed your email to him .

These subjects are most definitely in development already in various guises within the BBC .

Hi Traci,

Thanks, for me it is only email, I keep away from face book and twitter. Will wait and see if I get a response back.


You can also contact him on his blog page. Google 'The Fast Diet' and a link will take you where you want to be.

I would like to see an unbiased programme where it is discussed that cholesterol is GOOD for the body!!! I seem to see nothing but cholesterol is poison!!! It is produced by the body for a reason!!!!!! We are not in the habit of having our body producing something that is going to kill us!!!!!


I'm with you Patch :)


What we need is the support of GPs and NHS, not BBC TV programme!!!

NHS needs to look at the food plate first and move forward.

If one GP can talk on a BBC programme, I am sure there are many more.

When we are in a job, we all have to be careful on job security, we all need income to support family!!

This applies to GPs as well.

As always, the experts disagree, leaving it up to us to decide which one to believe.

Those of you who have FH are, I think, being lumped into the same group as those whose lifestyle has caused their health problems. Seeing the high levels of C the Drs are chasing after you and trying to put you on the same medication as the second group. This is wrong in my eyes. More investigations should be made into those of you with FH, find out the reasons why your levels are as high as they are, and what sort of health problems you have. Is the high level of C in the body masking something else? Has anyone tried to find out? Are you being shortchanged? I feel for you all and wish best health to you.

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There has been research done on FH. It's a genetic problem. genome.gov/25520184

I can understand it is genetic - but why? What has caused it to become a inherited condition? Where, back in the history of FH sufferers did it become an inherited condition? the same goes for other inherited conditions. Sorry, I have one of those minds always questioning, asking "why" I must have driven my parents mad when I was a kid!

I'm not sure that there is an answer to 'why' or 'when', but there are various ways in which a genetic mutation can occur. The DNA sequence that makes up a gene is very long, made up of chemicals in a particular order. If something happens to this order it can cause a mutation. This can be caused by environmental factors, or by mistakes when the DNA is dividing and replicating. It's a complicated subject.


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