Private health screening! Value for money?

Please read an article by the Mail doctor who went for a blue crest screening and his experience. I went for this five years ago, my GP could not compute the results.

In todays world every where people are driven by script to do their job function with out any understanding, health checks or Internet problem with a call centre in UK or India.

This article is and eye opener!!!


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8 Replies

  • Link?

  • I don't see any link!

  • My own GP told me ages ago that these check ups are a waste of money & advised to ignore them.

  • Interesting article but I've been to bluecrest for health check (never paid said amount before!) for me it was an easy way of checking my health without involving an overworked GP who just wants to prescribe some form of medication before I even sit down (OK slight exaggeration!) My hubby just back from GP MOT. Has slight cough for a few weeks prescribed antibiotics even though no sign of infection. His total cholesterol 4.2 HDL 1.2 LDL 1.9 Triglicerides 2.4 !! BP quite low 120/70. Yet his cardiac risk 21% so offered statins. My total chol is 6.9 but tri under 1.0. Strange isn't it I'm happier with my result than my husbands. He loves sugar which I believe is the problem yet doctor says cut saturated fats! 'Doctor knows best' . Any thoughts from you experts!

  • Five years ago I spent my money on two different health line screening, I learned a lot for the reports. I am afraid I will not go for another screening!. I gave both my reports to my GP, may be he filed it !

    Depending up on age and the health problem this is of values to go to your GP to ask questions. As said in the mail people who do the testing do not understand the medical facts just like the gym trainers in different t-shirts.

    The testers see you have opted for number of tests and they want to get on with it, simple as that. NHS, GP practice is unable to do blood tests or any other tests that are not in the GP list of tests!!!

    Not may people like report from the copy of the mail. but in this case it is from a GP who is old enough to have had the experience to write this article.

  • I believe that sat fats is just as good sugar

  • Thanks for comments. Bluecrest is perhaps expensive for what they provide. Obviously if NHS was able/willing to invest in preventative health people wouldn't feel the need to use it. Do think private health care does take some weight off the NHS and if people like me are daft enough!! Provides jobs for people.

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