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Hi , I had my cholesterol tested in May and the result was 8.2 the doctor said that I was at high risk of heart desease , I have changed my diet to very low fat and have lost 2 stone in weighti have just had it tested again and it is 7.6 the doctor said that I am no longer at risk of heart desease and does not need to put me on statins. I thought cholestrol was supposed to be below 5 ?

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  • If you have no other cardiovascular risk factors, perhaps you don't need them.

  • As an indicator of heart disease total cholesterol is not the best indicator. What is your HDL and Triglyceride levels ?. You should also find out what your LP(a) and LP(b) numbers are. I would also not go on a low fat diet but do cut out sugar and lower your simple carb's. Avoid Trans fats and make sure you only use virgin Olive oil and certainly not veg oil.

  • I am afraid you need to look at your general health and the three numbers, HbA1C, BP and cholesterol. you need to ask you GP for a print out of your blood test results. Life style change and exercise can help to control all the three numbers. If your blood test result do not give other cholesterol numbers, may be you can ask for a full lipid blood test. You also need to look at sugar content on the food intake!

  • There's an awful lot of scaremongering going on out there about bad cholesterol. It is important to realise that everyone isn't exactly the same but it is equally important to know that the worst enemies are our bread, cakes, potatoes/chips and sugar intakes. Eating and drinking sensibly and exercising is probably the best remedy. As long as your weight, your visceral fat (fat around the internal organs), your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your BP (Blood Pressure) are at an acceptable level your cholesterol level should not be a major worry as long as it is heading in the right direction, but it doesn't happen overnight. Stands to reason since it has taken a lifetime to make it high! Too much saturated fat is not good so it is really down to the individual to monitor his/her own food intake. Lots of greens for roughage and lighter on the cereals is better - and don't forget your fluid intake. Think healthy - stay healthy!

  • Thank you for all comments I will take your advice I will go and talk to my gp on Monday to get the correct numbers !

  • Please post your GPs comments, thanks. Statin medication can bring cholesterol down very quickly, I have been there, when I asked my GP for explanation I was not given one!

    to cover my self for all eventualities I went for private health screening, 12-lead electro cardiogram, heart stress test and an echo cardiogram both were good at that time.

    If you like you can ask your GP.

  • Hi I have been back to see gp today he said that my HDL is 1.7 which he is very pleased with my overall number is 4.5 !

  • How did you achieve this results? We all can learn from your experience!, No need for statin medication!

  • I'm eating a very low fat diet I do not eat red meat , I just eat chicken and fish lots of salads and fresh fruit and vegetables , I have reduced my sugar intake and I eat very little bread and potatoes . I do 15minutes brisk walking a day !

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