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Warfarin or rivaroxaban

Has any person views on which is more suitable to take I've been taking warfarin for some time now following and admission to hospital with atrial fibrillation but I gather this drug rivaroxaban is now available for my particular condition and my doctor is prepared to prescribe it for me . I'm constantly having my blood tests and constantly having the dose reduced or increased which does mean as I travel a lot to be signing on as a temporary patient if I'm away from my own practice this new drug would dispense all of this

I'd welcome any comments

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Morning collingee--- just a brief note to say I was on warfarin and I experienced lotsa of bad side effects - 2 years ago my consultant haematologist put me on the the new drug you are speaking of - I found it much better than warfarin - no side effects - you can have the odd glass of wine and not worry about eating sprouts lol!!

Life was so much easier than all the blood tests , at the time I was only one of 50 patients in my general hospital on it as the drug is so expensive £2.25 per tablet a sap posed to 3pence for warfarin ( big difference ) however the NHS will be making a saving on salaries by cutting down on all the foe optimists hours ( so again cost related)

That apart I was privileged to be able to have it as only certain areas and GP will prescribe due to costs.

I had no problems with it, I believe there is a small risk with it that if anyone unfortunately had a brain bleed on it . The dose cannot be adjusted in 24 hours like warfarin.

I was very happy with taking the new medication - good luck with your choice - my thoughts are you are lucky you have a doctor who's is willing to not worry about costs of this medication wished Patsyblue


Thank you will go for it Colin


I wish I could help you but my gp in uk won't prescribe any drug but warfarin for my af on cost grounds to the practice. I'm convince warfarin is responsible for my feeling sick when I wake up every morning. Does it make you feel as if you want to be sick


Hi thanks for your response I'm taking all sorts of cardiac related drugs ie lisoapril sotalol clopidigrel currently warfarin and statins so get all sorts of side effects from light headiness chest aches headaches etcetera etcetera so I couldn't say where they come from



After nearly 6 months on Warfarin I changed to Rivaroxaban with no problems what so ever. Rivaroxaban gives the freedom of enjoying a cheeky drink and no restrictions on food, so life is so much easier. Also there's no need for the regular blood tests which are needed with warfarin.

So I would recommend Rivaroxaban if itt offered to you.


Thanks for your interest and I'm getting the prescription today


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