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Isotope into the veins?

After having an exercise test, I have been told I need to have another test where an infusion of a drug is put into the vein whilst the heart is stressed, with exercise, plus a small amount of isotope, which will be detected by the scan. The whole thing, plus eating a meal, takes 3 1/2 hours. I am shocked, firstly because I thought, as I was told after the exercise test, I would probably need statins. Secondly, I cringe at the thought of having isotope put into my veins! Has anyone ever had this done and is it completely safe?

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Is this the same as an angiogram?


No, its not an angiogram, I have had this stress test and have never felt the same since! I haven't had an angiagram yet but would rather have had it instead of this stress test with the injection, it was one of the worst experiences of my life and quite frankly made me feel so unwell and scared I don't think should be permitted! Anyone else agree?


Thank you tabatha2, this has just confirmed my husband's view of putting isotope in your bloodstream or anything radioactive, no matter how small. As a last resort if someone is at death's door maybe.


agree with you jeny 1 eye


hi jeny1eye.

i have had this done, and like tabatha2 i to thought it was dangerous.

would not recommend it. i thought my heart would stop and very much out of breath.

ask your consultant, and tell him what other people have gone through. maybe they should look at this procedure. good luck.


You are referring to a Myoview scan. This is a non-invasive method of checking out your heart and is much safer compared to an invasive angiogram. Angiograms carries a risk of 2 heart attacks per 1,000 operations.


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