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20yrold in hospital 5-11 July no treatment need advice please

Good Morning

RE; How safe is it for his leg to continue to swell for what is now 5th to 11th July and be in a hospital which does not have the equipment necessary to treat him?

So am I making a fuss about nothing or should I be concerned as to the outcome medically if treatment and scan is delayed?


I have a 20 year old taken into hospital in UK Saturday 5th July.

He has a blood clot in the thigh

The entire leg is getting bigger by the day

He has been on a medical assessment unit until last night 10th July when he was supposed to be moved to another hospital which can do a scan the current hospital can not do - doppler blood flow already done.

The other hospital can not/will not take him until Sunday I was told this last night (Thursday 10th) as I was leaving and do not know if that is due to lack of bed space or Best Care for Patient- BCFP would seem to suggest he is moved and treated not left with his leg swelling in pain until Sunday.

So far he has gone into hospital on Saturday 5th July by ambulance in extreme pain and nearly passed out.

He was taken to Medical Assessment unit.

He has been there receiving a blood thinner and antibiotics for an unknown infection which result in recurring high temperatures-temp normal for 2 days - no idea what infection was or source of it.

He had a pressure stocking put on his Non Clot leg at 7pm last night 10th and not on the clot leg as they could not get a stocking for him in the size he needs - leg so swollen he needs a bigger size.

I am going to ring his hospital this morning at 9am as the doctors should be in by then and also ring non admitting hospital.

Pain in leg began before 5th and he had seen own GP on 4th July - pain before then but thought it was nothing major.

Advice really really ended please - Thank you

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This is potentially very serious, as you are no doubt aware. I would not wait till Sunday and would take him straight to A&E.


Problem is he is in one hospital taken by ambulance and can not move, he was put in a wheelchair and had to use his hands to lift his leg as it is so swollen and sore so i cant get him into my car- believe me i would do it if i had any way to move him myself.

Very concerned he is in hospital with out the needed scanner but cant find a way round it, i have been on phone all morning.

Do you know if it is good enough that he is on anti clot injections but leg not improving and will be like that until Sunday at least


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