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Statin drugs - Yeah Right!!

I'm a couple of months off 70 and being a diabetic was prescribed statin drugs to correct a reasonably high Cholesterol reading. I started getting pain around two years ago, in my arms and shoulders, so one of the doctors put me on Brufen retard 800. I thought that would fix a bit of the problem. It didn't so as the pain was still there I researched about statin drugs. I cut them out about July last year. Anyway the pain started to get a bit worse around October last year and I got a whole lot of stuff pushed at me. Don't know the name of half the stuff. Tramadol was one. My doctor had been away on maternity leave. About mid January I was in so much pain I couldn't move and had to be helped to the toilet, spoon fed like a baby. When I heard she was back from leave I went to see her, and I'm glad I did. She listened to my symptoms the made a life changing decision for me. "Throw away your pain killers, they are not killing the pain, they are killing you. Keep off the statins too" She put me on a course of prednisone. I was leaping around like a 30 year old. I had Polymyalgia Rhuematica, what a pain. I'm back driving trucks again, although only part time. My cholesterol is a bit high but there is no way I am going back on statins.

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Hi Ron,

Glad to hear another statin victim is on the road to recovery. Have a look at if you haven't done so already.

If you'd like to improve your diabetes and lower or even stop your meds do a bit of research on the LCHF (low carbohydrate, high fat diet. People adopting the diet often return to normal blood sugar:


Have been looking into Gary Taubes books on this subject since one of your previous posts Mike.It makes for scary reading in regards to the fact that we have been misled in regards to healthy eating and cholesterol.I use natural food supplements to enhance the imbalances in the food supply,because even a lot of organic food is of such poor quality that we cannot get the nutrition we need from food without over consumption . Would appreciate your feedback on the products Mike.


Hi DriverRon

I wish there were more doctors like yours. So glad you researched and found the truth re statins.

Well done you and your doctor.

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I think that many doctors are afraid to act against the guide lines of the NHS.



From what I have seen, GPs follow HNS guide lines, but we can discuss the options with GPs and take what is best for us. From my own experience I decided not to continue with statin, we are watching cholesterol levels now. Only time will tell on both HbA1c levels and cholesterol levels. At the moment I feel fine without any medication.


How many patients will challenge their GP's suggested prescriptions?


What to believe? I'm on the lowest dose of atorvastatin (10mg), my HDL cholesterol level is 1.31 mmol/L and overall 4.5mmol/L.

The problem is; if you've already had a heart attack, does that alter the need to take a statin? I eat healthily and don't eat any processed food and have cut out refined sugar entirely, not that I ate a lot to begin with.

The latest survey tells us that statins are safe (apparently, all the pains people experience are all 'in the head') but then I discover that the survey was paid for by the pharmaceutical industry!

My own feeling, given all the research done around the planet, is that it's refined sugar that's the main cause. It causes inflammation of the arteries and it's THIS that makes cholesterol stick to the walls of the artery.

Surely this should be pretty easy to prove of disprove?



Statin as a secondary medication after heart attack is necessary. There are many questions on statin as primary medication just to lower cholesterol!, If there are stents then statin can help with blood flow with other medication given by the cardiologist.

Today in the copy of the mail, it states listen to the doctor on statin!, I beg to differ. Life style change is the way forward for me, only time will tell!

Magnesium and inflammation testing to look at the heart activity is another story.


Reaction to statins also seems to differ between FH and non-FH patients as far as I can tell.


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