hello any one with advice my storey is ive had a triple by pass operation which failed in months had 2 stents done put on 80mg of statin for

over 2 yrs i have tried 3 different types of statins just feel awful on them my cholesterol was 4.8 i walk 5 days a week and i do 2 hrs a day at a brisk pace no arm or chest pain ive stopped taking my statin med 9 weeks ago now feel a lot better but i still have my horrible dizzy drunk feeling head when out walking i take omega3 aged garlic q10 and plant sterol supplements got my blood test results back today and my cholesterol is now 7.6 my gp wants to see me and i got to see my cardiac consultant next week i dont think there be happy about me stopping my meds i really dont believe in statin drugs and that cholesterol is bad for me i would love to here from people with there advice thank you


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  • Have a look at this youtube movie. I would suggest the place you are at now is because you have been following the conventional health advice.

  • Thanks for the timely, seasonal reminder Mike ;-)

  • thank you best wishes

  • Hi Lilliewhites....Don't despair...it took months and months after stopping statins for my 'fuzzy head when out walking' to stop being fuzzy. It's the most horrid feeling but it will stop. Good for you, to stop statins, I guess it was the research and info here that gave you the courage, and it does take courage to fly in the face of medical opinion...but you know these days we lay-men/women probably have more time and certainly more incentive to do the research, so a big thank you to all the contributors here.

  • hi thanks for that its been 10 weeks now i thought i may have seen a slight improvement in my head but i think its worse some days now thank you

  • Statins are more effective for secondary prevention that is , if you have already had a coronary event. I am not an advocate for the mass prescription of satins for primary prevention but maybe you could negotiate a very small dose with your cardiologist as you come into the secondary prevention bracket. Even Dr Malcolm Kendrick (a famously sceptical anti-statin campaigner) concedes that statins have a benefit for men who have already had a cardiac event.

  • thank you best wishes

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