Ignorance about Statins?

I have just been watching the Andrew Marr Show when they were discussing a headline about statin side effects in the Daily Express this morning. I haven't read it (I know the Express has a thing about statins). What shocked me was Max Hastings saying he had been on statins for 7 years and "didn't know about these side effects!"

I felt like screaming at the TV saying you are such an intelligent man, former editor, war historian and so on and you didn't even think about being on life long medication. Maybe, mind you he didn't have any side effects, but I can't believe he expressed such disbelief about not knowing.


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  • Didn't see the TV piece, but here's the article:


    It also makes me despair when I see so much suffering for so little gain. There is a long way to go but one day these egregious drugs will be also be consigned to the dustbin as these have been:


  • Unless you live on this forum, maybe it is very easy to have been on statins for so long and not know of the side effects. As an F.H. sufferer,I have now had to take statins for ten years and have had no side effects whatsoever - apart from lowering my LDL cholesterol levels to a safe level. I am in the vast majority and, knowing the good effects placebos can have, I do have to wonder if the opposite can also be true. If all the adverse publicity about side effects is publicised then maybe people just expect to suffer them, whereas, if they are not publicised will people reap the benefits without noticing anything untoward?

  • I think we are still at the stage of not many knowing about the side effects, even after all this time. I knew nothing of the side effects of statins until I suffered them and began researching, and by that time it was too late. My GP didn't even mention side effects even when I asked the question. I will not be peruaded to take medication again until I have done my own research. Bring it on Dr Kendrick, ( see below) I will tell my experiences.

  • Please please please look for a post on here by ' bigleg' 2 days ago, they posted a link that asks for people suffering or have suffered side effects. Dr Malcom Kendrick has been contacted by journalists who wish to speak to patients and hear their stories.

    It's now time for our voice to be heard so please take a look

  • Well said, Clanchattan....how long has it taken to realise the dangers of over-prescribing and taking antibiotics. The body can deal with such a lot if left to it's own devices.... we have an efficient immune system....and given the correct nutrition and knowledge about the help from natural products we would be ok. I grant that we need intervention for some conditions and progress and research is very important but let nature do its bit as well.

  • "you are such an intelligent man" - maybe we're not talking about the same Max Hastings? Anyway, this showed he pops pills without even reading the leaflet in the box that does list a lot of the side effects...

  • You know, I think it is a "man" thing! My husband is on medication for several complaints including statins and when I have asked him what they are for he says " I don't know - the Dr says I have to take them therefore I do - after all he spent all that time at medical school so should know his business - I wouldn't expect him to question me if he had problems with his electrics at home" (my husband is a qualified electrician)! He doesn't like to know "all the ins and outs" about his body, (he faints when he has a blood test!) and gets very shaky if he cuts his finger - so any discussion about his health is out of the question!

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