On tv the other night there was an experiment to determine the health benefits of red wine. The conclusion was that some red wines weren't that rich in flavonoids so didn't really benefit you that much. The best one for flavonoids was Nebiollo. However that one is incredibly expensive and hard to get hold of. The others that the experiment said were good for you were Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Petit Syrah. I know absolutely zilch about wines but I have been drinking Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 200 mls every evening for the health benefits as the "head gentleman" of the experiment said 200 mls would see the health benefits of the flavonoids kick in. However the practice nurse at my surgery is horrified that I'm downing 200 mls every night. She maintains 100 is quite enough and more isn't advisable. I'm not a lover of alcohol but so many people say how good red wine is for you that I decided to drink 200mls every night. Is this advisable? As in good for you? What do others think?

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  • How about red grape juice? I saw that too. Wasn't it food unwrapped or something? The main group promoting red wine are wine merchants. . . . and wine buffs. . . .

    My herbalist friend gave me a long talk about it. I forgot most but managed to retain the important bit. I think flavonoids appear in other foods. :)

  • haha yes that's all very helpful, not to mention reassuring. I think then I will continue with my 200 mls every evening. It does relax a bit :))

  • Good point bigleg. We had a thread I think on this site about aspartame etc. BEWARE.

    I'm not anti alcohol. One unit or so I think is beneficial for some of its effects. Everything in moderation, excess is the cause of many but not all ills. 'nite :)

  • Absolutely not. My daughter posted something on FB about "the killer in you fridge".

    A healthy balance diet is something too many lack, including me. . . :(

  • Hehehehe Too late for that :)

  • All,

    NHS guide lines?, NHS food plate?.

    Enjoy a glass or two of Pinot Noir, the questions is what do you do with the rest of the bottle? Keeping an opened red bottle for the next day?

    Enjoy life.

  • I am no expert on this but, several years ago, at a HEART UK AGM, one of the speakers was a researcher who had been part of the team that discovered the benefits of flavonoids. What I remember from his presentation is that the younger the wine and the higher the level at which the grapes were grown, the more flavonoids there would be in the wine therefore the more reduction in cholesterol levels. I am sure that this research will be available to read somewhere. As fen badger points out, some red fruit juices are high in flavonoids too - especially pomegranate juice. It is amazing what one learns at HEART UK AGMs. I recommend anyone interested in reducing their cholesterol levels to try to attend. In there meantime, do look at their website or call their office for advice on this.

  • Please can someone tell me what is so bad about aspartamane and any of the other artificial sweeteners? I keep hearing this yet do use it to sweeten fruit and yogurt. What harm am I doing?

  • Why do you need to sweeten fruit and yogurt.Fruit is already naturally sweet. Aspartamane has been linked to certain types of cancer ..

  • what about something called "half spoon"? I buy that regularly as I like sugar in my tea. I HATE sweetners in tea and half spoon tastes to me like real sugar. But you only need one spoon as opposed to two as it's so sweet. I just can't drink tea without sugar. Ugh

  • Yikes I'd no idea that stuff was so bad for you. I bought some Truvia once, hugely expensive and simply horrible. Canderel, Hermesetas etc are what I use on my grapefruit in the morning. Should I use just a spoonful of real sugar perhaps?

  • And there I thought it was sugar that was so bad for us??I guess moderation in all things.

    I started having an egg for breakfast every day, boiled or poached, and a slice of wholemeal toast [butter of course!] about a year ago-it's so much more satisfying than cornflakes and milk.

  • I was just about to buy a carton of pomegranate juice when I looked at the sugar content and put it back. I buy fresh pomegranates but they are so expensive I don't get them every day! I do eat blueberries and raspberries every day for breakfast. They too are expensive so I cut down on other things like new clothes and shoes :)) And as for the rest of my bottle of red wine I screw the cap back on it and drink it for the next five nights. Don't know if this is the right thing to do but I've been ok so far........

  • Yes I buy kale every week. I don't think the taste is marvellous but it's really good for you. Do you think frozen fruit is actually good for you though? I googled frozen fruit some time ago and it said the vitamin c wasn't that good because of all the time it's been in cans. Fresh is better but then again fresh is soooo expensive.

  • I was under the impression that freezing didn't affect the vitamin content of fruit, texture is something else, especially with strawberries. Canning is another matter though.

  • If you find a wine you like get a box and keep it in the larder - it keeps fresh for weeks.

  • Yeah, shocking isn't it? and that includes allegedly pure juices. All fruit is fairly sweet and my diabetes nurse warned me off bananas but someone else advocates them knowing my condition. Beware that juice. If it says "juice drink" it is not pure juice but had water and more sweeteners. I think the legal amount of the named fruit is tiny. Saw Food Unwrapped recently. Don't beat yourself up too much. Any "pure fruit juice" is fairly ok but there's really not much choice, apple, orange grape and tomato are about the only ones. Tomato juice has loads of added salt so unwise for us on this site. Despite the sugar as you observed you do get loads of vitamins and more. . . .

    There are some own label fruits that are fairly cheap, not just Aldi. Hate to say greens are good. Not very popular but true so keep the kale going :)

    What you're doing with the wine is fine as long as it doesn't go off - you'd soon notice :)

  • 125ml of wine is equivalent to 1.5 points. As a woman you are "allowed" 14 points per week. 200ml might be pushing it a bit! You should be able to get 6 glasses of wine from 1 bottle of 750 ml - the richer grapes such as Cabinet Sauvignon, Shiraz (Shirah, different spellings here) or Merlot are higher than the lighter mixes and cheaper wines. Buy a "better " wine and drink a little less of it each night. It will last longer and enjoy. As a "good" wine I like Cote de Beaune, which is only for Xmas or Chateau Neuf du Pape, also a bit expensive but try some of the New World wines such as from Chile or California.

  • Yes but the lighter and cheaper ones aren't as good for heart health are they? I'm currently drinking a 200ml glass of Cape Nelson Cabernet Sauvignon. Havent a clue if this is a "better" wine but maybe 200mls is too much.....I read a newspaper article that said 125mls is good for the heart but anymore outweighs the good. I posted on here to get people's view points as I must admit I am a tad concerned in case 200mls every night is indeed pushing it and outdoing the good 125mls would do.

  • All,

    Australian on New Zealand red wine are good. They can be expensive! What size glass?

    your body can tell you that, enjoy life to the full, what is in 75ml? NHS guide lines?

    Google "Kim Crawford" for wine!

    How do you compare this "125ml of wine or 1.5 points"?

    Kale is high in everything, "Have you tried METH?I"

    Half spoon or full spoon, man made things are bad for us!!!

  • Thanks to the NHS the accepted level for men is 21 points per week, and 14 for women. If you look on the side of all beers, lagers and wines you will see what they consider to be the points per bottle. Get a measuring jug and measure out 125 ml. It will surprise you how little it actually is! Bottoms up!

  • None.

  • All,

    Please read this:

    Wine labels that count calories in a 125ml glass: Sainsbury's own-brand bottles will help you measure up

    Read more:

    This may help all of us to understand!

  • I'm not really too bothered counting calories. Surely that's more for people watching their weight/ on a diet? I've measured 125mls and it's hardly a mouthful :( but I do worry about drinking too much and the damage it can do. I never realised just how little a 125ml wine measure is. I will have to sip it very slowly......

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