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Stuck and frustrated

Can anyone help please? I've been using the 'Portfolio Diet' for the last five weeks to try and get my cholesterol of 6.7 down to a value that will stop my Dr wanting to put me on statins (4.5 - 5.0). I've lost 2lb in five weeks and I'm making sure my portions are small. I've been feeling quite hungry but haven't cheated and I'm wondering if the relatively high level of carbohydrates might be the reason I'm struggling? I'm female, past menopause, 5' 2'' and weigh 10st 7lb and I've been going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week with a 30 min cardio workout and some strength building. I so want to do this if I can and wonder if anyone else has struggled with weight loss on this diet - I haven't been retested for cholesterol yet. Any info, suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

Don't know anything about the diet you've been on, but as a cholesterol sufferer and someone with CAD and diabetes, i have quite a restricted diet.

I found that reducing carbs has helped with the diabetes, and i've lost weight, and am aware that fellow diabetes sufferers who 'low carb' say they have lost weight and don't feel hungry....It is the carbs that make you feel hungry evidently though i'm no expert.

My diet is high in fish and veg, with some fruit and meat (mostly chicken). I tend to keep treats as 'sugar free mints/ sweets etc.

Hope this helps

Good luck


Thank you. The 'Portfolio Diet' is the one on heartuk for lowering cholesterol. It's very high in beans and tofu and it may help to lower cholesterol but I'm struggling with losing weight on it. I'm beginning to get the picture that carbs be they wholefood or not are not helpful for weight loss. Thanks for the info.


I would suggest you get a copy of Malcolm Kendrick's book 'The great Cholesterol Con'.

Here's an extract from the book that appeared in Saga Magazine:

'Women and statins'

To date, no large trial of women statin users who already have cardiovascular disease has been shown to increase life expectancy by one day. More importantly, the use of statins in women at lower risk has not increased life expectancy nor prevented heart attacks and stroke.

It raises the question whether women should be prescribed statins at all. I believe that the answer is no. Statins fail to provide any overall health benefit in women. The more recent heart protection study was hailed as a success for men and women, but despite the hype there was no effect on mortality in women.

If you’re on a statin because you’re at high risk of cardiovascular disease and you have muscle pain, it’s worth taking the vitamin-like substance Coenzyme Q 10. Statins cause levels of this to fall in the body. I’ve seen no evidence that taking it causes harm. (end)

It is very important to realise that reducing carbohydrate means you have to increase fat (not protein) otherwise you will be ravenous all the time. Dr Kendrick will also reassure you on that score. Most low carb diets fail because of the fear of fat.

Suggest you Google 'women and statins', go through the posts and assess whether they are for you or not.


Brilliant! Thank you. I'm already taking co Q10 and since I've started I feel so much more energetic. I will get a copy of the book. Many thanks.


Just a thought, you can get it from Amazon for the kindle....if you have one


Thanks. I have ordered a copy :)


Hello, I support Offshoretinker about Dr Kendrick. I am within my BMI, have a cholesterol level of 6.7 ; my HDL is 2.3 and my LDL 3.8. My Dr told me I had to lose and stone and had to lower my levels of cholesterol as too high!!!!!!!! I have already had to change my diet due to recently diagnosed intolerances to dairy and yeast after over 30 years of IBS and now feel fantastic. I do not starve myself, eat what I want, but I do WALK. An hour a day,(no sweating in the gym for me)and do gardening. Get the heart pumping with regular, daily exercise and enjoy your food. Eat your five a day, have three meals a day, and a small amount of alcohol, if wished and enjoy life. All the best


Thank you. I really appreciate the support and knowing other people's experience.

Doing lots of research and liking what I read. I too gave up dairy and wheat about six months ago and am pain free gutwise for the first time in many years. I'm glad you are feeling good, long may it last.


HI there,

Am also trying the PD to a certain degree and managed to lower my cholesterol from 8.9 to 7.5 after being on it for a few months. It doesnt have to be high carb - I eat buckwheat or quinoa for breakfast with almonds/berries linseeds and soy milk for breakfast. This keeps the overall meal quite low carb wise, oats would do the same thing as long as you have the soy, almonds etc as they are protein. For lunch I have a soup/ salad with beans and veg or something like chick peas with serrano ham (no bread as I have a grain allergy). For dinner fish/meat with lots of veggies and just one potato. On top of this I have an apple and other low carb fruit and if I need a snack after dinner some more almonds and dried apricot/prunes or soy nuts.(much lower carb than other dried fruit). Only eat sugar (apart from half a spoon in tea) at weekends and then just a small portion of cake or ice cream. I dont eat all the

tofu etc advertised on the diet but if I did would prob be able to get my cholesterol down a bit more. I have also found that eating very little carbs apart from breakfast has helped me lose half a stone since christmas. Hope this helps,

Good luck!


Forgot to say that I really think that sugar and flour are the main culprits when it comes to weight and have just recently found out that all grains from the grass family (which includes sugar and rice) give me palpitations/fatigue/seborrheic dermatitis and other symptoms. Its very hard to give up bread/cakes/biscuits, I have the odd one now and again but I have noticed my cravings are going. This is prob due to blood sugar staying more stable whilst keeping carbs under control.


Hi deepblue. Thankyou for your input. I think that you and the other people that have responded are absolutely right about carbohydrates. I've just finished reading 'The cholesterol Con' recommended by offshoretinker (thanks) and I'm half way through 'The Primal Blueprint' by Mark Sisson which backs up what you are saying. I am so much better when I avoid carbs - and I feel much less hungry. Good that you've managed to lower your cholesterol - I like the sound of breakfast. I need to get more creative with meals. Thanks again.


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