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Hi all first time i have been on this site i have Hashimotos,Fibromialgia,Cervical spondyilits,Osteoatrhitis. I have had high cholesterol for a long time 7.5 was found when i was diagnosed with Hashimotos last year was offered statins by my GP said no as they would make fibro worse and wanted to see if medication for Hashis would take it down i have changed my diet but it is still at 7.5 received a letter from docters with a photocopied diet sheet and have another blood test in a month but i have seen endo who says that if it was still high had to go see a lipids docter because Dad died of heart attack and mum has angina. I have looked up Familial Hypercholesterolaemia was on blood test results and Tendon Xanthoma i have terrible trouble with my feet and someone has suggested it could be because i am low in B12.

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hi i had high cholesterol 12.1 took statins and they have made me ill with other things ,some people they work for ,but this is what i do intermittent fasting eating 11am -7pm every day starting with porridge no sugar ,dinner at 12 ,snack at 2pm ,tea at 5pm then fruit at 6pm last meal at 7pm toast and yoghurt ,this helps with your insulin also .

i am glad you are trying b12 as i have also started taking them and also i take vitamin d with calcium as the sttins i took have messed my bones and muscles up .please try intermittent fasting i think it will help you


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