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High cholesteroL

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I was feeling unwell recently and the doctor did a blood test. All was okay except a very high - 10.6 cholesterol reading. I was really surprised. I am 62 , female, dont drink or smoke. Turns out its the familial type.My sister is a vegan and she had it too as do several others in the family. I was put on statins which gave me migraines, awful ones. The doc has told me to stop them, give myself a couple of weeks and start taking Ezetrol. The side effects listed worry me. I have improved my diet . There is no history of heart trouble in the family . I already get headaches and the thought of more migraines isnt very enticing.

Does anyone else have a high level and not take medication? Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks.

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have u tried plant sterols?

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Singleblue in reply to BAUS

Yes am giving them a go now. Thanks.

Thank you, this was very interesting and the link worked. I will work my way through the programmes .

I watched the videos and at the end was his email. I contacted him and he sent me a copy of his book and some good advice. I have had more help from this group than anywhere else. Thank you.

Would it be possible for you to let us have the details of the book and also his advice?. Is the book on line?

When Frank contributed to Heart UK site I used to read with interest!

Hi the book is called CHolesterol and the French Paradox. He sent me an online copy but I dont have the nouse as how to forward it on ! Also there was a you tube item he sent.


He also does a series of talks about cholesterol on You tube and if you put his name in the search bit you should find him. If I work out how to forward the book I will do so !! It was so good of him to reply and he said to get in touch if ever I needed to.

Thank you. Few years ago I did communicate via email with frank and he was very helpful with his replies. I do drink blue top milk , eat butter and cheese.

I just read this wikipedia article and it seems to make sense, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frenc... one thing that I had noted that the French statistics show amoung the lowest CHD occurence is in Toulouse. The diet is high in fat, duck and Fois Gras are comon, with the fats come fat soluble vitamins such as K2. K2 is also in the milk of grass fed cows and is in brie, in a UK diet we may find a little K2 in liver or in chicken legs, however as we have been told to avoid the chicken skin we probably remove most of the fat and the fat soluble K2 with it. The other point to bear in mind is that low K2 in diet will be exasperated by taking statins. Low K2 results in higher blood calcium which leads to its availability for depositing in the arteries. Here is a transcript of a more recent author's radio interview, which you may find interesting bulletproofexec.com/wp-cont...

Please also be aware that K2 works in the prescence of D3, perhaps the French and particularly the more southern departement e.g. Toulouse (Haut Garonne) have more sun!

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rocheen in reply to kasibarndoor

How much k2 and how much d3 should you take. Does it help with blood pressure.

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kasibarndoor in reply to rocheen

I am using the doses recomended by Healthspan initially these are 10mcg D3 & 75mcg K2. I have been using these doses for 2 months and a couple of weeks ago stopeed my statin after 14 years, I will review my symptoms in three months and probably have another cholesterol test.

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Good luck


Somewhat late in the day but here is a link to the book by Frank Cooper.

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