Increase in cholesterol medication


I saw the nurse yesterday at the Smart Heart Clinic she wasnt happy because my overall cholesterol has only gone down by .9 points. This is been since November she had expected it to be down a lot more. From next Saturday I will start taking the Bazefibrate 3 times a day at 200mg per tablet. This now means I have five different times to take my medications. I have to have my next blood test will be at the end of April. I will now be taking at least 25 pills a day.

I had to have a blood test yesterday as my doctor is concerned that I might be low on some of the vitamin and minerals as I am having problems feeling that my blood sugar have dropped to a low level. These attacks are happening more often now since the beginning of this year I had about five so far.

I have my four week post operation check up today for my eye. I have had a few problems since the operation. I had had quite a bit of pain in the eye. I am also have had major problems with light, double vision and blurry vision. Hopefully this will get better in the next couple months.


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  • Awww! My dad used to say he took so many pills he rattled as he walked. (He did, but that was because he used to carry around a bottle of the ones he had yet to take that day.) Hope it improves and it was just something like Christmas food getting in the way!

  • Sorry to hear that you have problems from your operation.

    Do you take a statin as well as a fibrate ?

  • hopefully once my medication goes up the cholesterol and trigysrides will go down the way they want. I brought a blood glucose monitor today to see what is going on with my low blood sugar. I dont eat a lot of sweet things. My appointment went ok at the eye clinic she doenst want to see me again. my right has gone out be 7 degrees were as before the op it was over 40 degrees.


  • You may not eat sweet things, however all digestible carbohydrates turn to blood glucose and ergo affect your blood sugar levels.

    Low glycaemic index rated foods provide a slower, sustained energy release that makes it easier to control your blood glucose. That controls the quality of carbohydrates you consume, the other factor you could consider is quantity, by controlling (not eliminating) the amount of carbohydrate you eat.

  • I dont take a statin at the moment.


  • I also have a blood glucose monitor and they're good . Mine can vary between 6.2 at highest, usually when I've eaten the wrong things and not taken any exercise and 5.3 when done all the right things.

    I always do mine first thing in the morning before eating anything.

    Poor husband is my control, his is usually about 4 point something.

  • I lowest reading for blood glusoce was 4.3 today and I had a hot chocolate in town about 30 monutes before and it 9.2.


  • You might find that a small amount of high cocoa content chocolate instead of the hot chocolate for instance prevents your blood glucose spiking.

  • my blood tests that the doctor wanted came back normal. Also I have more sensation in my body than when I thought I had. I start the new dose tomorrow.


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