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14 year old son starting statins

I have agreed to my 14 year old son with FH starting pravastatin. Feeling a bit nervous about it. Consultant wants my 10 year old daughter to start them too but I want to hold off a bit longer for her. Would value any advice, support from others with children on statins or anyone who started statins when they were a kid. Only diagnosed and treated myself after age 30.

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Are their levels really high? I'd personally be wary of starting anyone on statins under 18 - but I presume there are reasons your Consultant wants to. I was diagnosed in my early 20s (total level was 8.4) but my consultant was happy to 'watch and wait'. I managed to get my total down to 7.3 by giving up smoking and loosing a little bit of weight (always more I could do though!) I'm 29 now.

Another reason I'm glad I didn't go on statins was because I fell pregnant unexpectedly when I was 25 - if I'd been on statins then I probably would of had to have a termination or risk a severely disabled child due to the side effects of the meds.

However - I'm still not on statins as I'm wary of them in general. But - my risk factors aren't too great. My mum and maternal grandad (and others on his side of the family) have high cholesterol, but no one close has had an early heart attack etc, and I'm a woman - so have more protection against it anyway. You've just got to weigh up your kids options compared to the risks xx


Hi Seahorse,

I have been following the FH Facebook group and I know they are very pro starting children on statins.

I really feel for you having to make this decision in the absence of any long term evidence for children plus the lack of heart disease in your family.

They are covering this at the Conference, would anyone be able to get you a transcript of the discussion?


Hello Seahorse,

Did Google(cholesterol and children and statin), there are number of reports. An example....

Worried About Your Child’s Cholesterol?

Remember: unless you or your child has familial hypercholesterolemia (which makes you or him resistant to traditional measures of normalizing cholesterol), there is no need for you take cholesterol-lowering drugs.

High cholesterol most often results from excess inflammation. It should also be noted that cholesterol itself is far from harmful, as it is released into your bloodstream to assist in repairing damage by creating new cells.

If you’re concerned about high cholesterol in your child, here are some steps to take:

1.Make sure your child gets plenty of high-quality, animal-based omega-3 fats, preferably from krill oil.

2.Reduce and eventually eliminate grains and sugars in your family’s diet.

3.Have your child eat according to his nutritional type.

4.Get a good portion of your family’s food raw.

5.Get plenty of exercise, as this increases circulation and blood flow throughout the body.

6.Address your child’s stress and emotional challenges.

Good luck.


My 2 children and I have FH. My son has been taking statins since he was 16 and he is now 32 with no ill effects.


Are both of them on statins?


It is such a tough decision. What are their levels? I dont think there is a right or wrong choice, you have to go with what you feel most comfortable with. At least you can discuss the decision with your 14 year old and watch out for any side effects (if any). My son is 13 and I know I will be facing this very soon (Sept time). The consultants views vary depending on who we see. The first consultant was keen for him to go on them asap (around 11) but I wanted to wait. The second one the following year seemed happy to wait a while. In 2011 my sons level were 8.4 total (5.89 LDL) and in 2012 7.1 Total (3.7 LDL) I got it down with Flax seed, oats and plant sterol drinks (I think) or maybe it just went down with puberty? His diet has always been very good, slightly under weight and is sports mad! I keep reading different opinions on what happens to to their levels during puberty. X


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