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Feeling like a transgender


Hello all

I was born with a serious facial disfigurement. In my teen years I've been trough many surgeries and now I have a rather "normal" face and see myself as "healed" from that disfigurement. But I can often relate to transgender people. It feels like also I wasn't born in the right body and that now after the surgeries finally gave the right body (face). And I don't want to tell about the disfigurement I used to have to people. I also am not able to show childhood pics bc they might see the disfigurement.

I think trans people feel the same. Is it weird that I relate? Or would trans people be offended by that? Anyone who recognizes this?

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Ps English is not my native language so sorry for the mistakes in spelling


Hi Ravenwing - interesting post, and something I'm sure lots of people with conditions from birth can relate to. I think there's a really strong temptation to think about how things 'should' have been, as if there's an alternate universe where you weren't born with a condition, and had the body you were 'supposed to have'.

I wonder how it might feel for you to experiment with thinking about your body as the 'right' one all along, and trying to let go of the idea it 'should' have been any other way? It can be hard to do!

You mentioned not wanting to tell people about the way you used to look, or show them childhood photos. How do you think they might react, if you did?

P.S. your English is great!

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