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Generate our own source of incomes, as a disfigured person

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Who is interested by the idea of creating revenues by yourself, while being disfigured?

For many of us, we feel like we don't fit in this society, and want to generate our own incomes.

I wanted to see how many people are interested by this topic

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Hello Lino1 and welcome to the Changing Faces community. This sounds like an interesting concept - generating personal income through self-employment. Not sure that I would agree that you don't fit in this society as that would be like giving up the right to exist, but I do understand what you mean. It's about not feeling accepted isn't it? E.g. trying to get a job as a person with a visible difference can be quite a challenge. This is why Changing Faces as a charity challenges societal attitudes and campaigns for the rights of people with visible difference.

Incidentally, today marks the beginning of our #VisibleHate Campaign where we are inviting people with visible difference who have been subjected to any kind of intimidation, harassment, abuse etc to report it. We are also challenging society to face up to their responsibility and stop treating people badly just because they look different. You may be interested in a previous campaign where we challenged employers to be more inclusive towards people with visible difference. Check it out at

Best wishes, Dola

Hi Dola,

thank you for your reply.

Very interesting and relevant subject you adressed, I'll definitely check it out.

Fantastic project that is this website, and the "changing faces" movement in general. Sincerely inspiring.

What I said is clearly not about giving up the right to exist, but precisely the opposite :)

It's about realizing how powerful you are. If you feel like you don't fit in a certain system, why not taking back your power yourself, and directly create value, through your own creations.

I'm quite surprised there are no more reactions here , but I need to find a way to reach out to those people, and help them grow.

Life is not about surviving, it's about experiencing something way more meaningful.

Thanks Dola,

I hope to see you later

in reply to Lino1

Perhaps people didn't quite understand what you were suggesting. It may be a good idea to start with a post introducing yourself to the community so they know a bit about you especially in terms of your visible difference experience. Then you might get more of a response.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the insight,

yeah I'll think about it...

It may also be due to the fact this community is , for now , (even though you managed to gather quite some people ) still quite restricted in terms of number ?(Maybe am I wrong)

Anyway I'll do what I can to make this community known, as it really could help lots of people feel better about themselves.

edit : 1500 people isn't bad at all, even though it may be important in the future, as you're probably working for it ;)

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Do you have a disfigurement or other visible difference yourself?

Yes I's true that I took for granted that people would check at the other posts I made there, and would know me.

3 years ago, I suffered from a skin infection, and am disfigured for life, with multiple scars on both cheeks.

That litterally changed my life, and my relationship to others.

I went through many phases of suicidal thoughts (thoughts who were about to turn real one night, before my brother understood something was wrong, as I blocked him from facebook during the weekend. I didnt want him to make me change my mind about my plan, I wanted to stay in my own "bubble".)

Anyway, few years later, and after many reflections, I came to realize everybody is perfect their own way. Every have their own profile, and have something different to offer.

And that's my point. People need to be aware of what they can do, in today's era, where human forms of interactions completely evolved in the last 10 years. Lots of possibilities emerged, and we need to encourage each other to go for it.

I'm part of the "indie hackers" community (don't know if you heard of it?), who are people who motivate each other to grow their own business, without necessarily getting massive revenues.

The support system is so strong, everybody push eachother. Having a support system I think is key.

That's why it would be cool to get partners, with which we can help each other to grow financially :)

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Thanks for sharing Lino1. I like what you said about everyone having something different to offer. So true. And we're glad that you didn't carry through with your "plan." Even from the short interaction here, it is evident that you do have something to offer.

Can't say I've heard of indie hackers. What do they hack? πŸ˜€

It's actually a community of solo entrepreneurs (and small businesses), who support each other, sharing tips, experiences, create partnerships...just a place where you can people who want to build sources of revenues, by starting very little.

It really is an inspiring platform. But many introverted people are still really reluctant to try to grow their own businesses, and that's what I would like to change...

The technical progress changed a lot of things when it comes to running businesses.

People can earn money 100% by themselves, 100% online...

Do you collaborate full time with "changing faces"?

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