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Keeping each other safe on HealthUnlocked


HealthUnlocked puts people at the centre of health care, and your safety at the heart of everything we do. We are a social network for health where people can access peer-to-peer support.

To maintain the safety of communities, we offer a “Report” functionality that allows members to highlight content to the community moderation and HealthUnlocked teams whenever something doesn’t feel right. All reports are read, and actions are taken when needed in accordance with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

On top of this, we have alerts in place to notify us to situations such as underage members (under 16 years), spamming content, duplicated content, cyberstalking and members at risk of self-harm, to name a few. Some of these alerts have automated actions to safeguard our members.

Occasionally, people sign up to the platform for reasons other than peer to peer support. For example, to recruit members for research opportunities. While our alerting systems catch many of these people, sometimes accounts can be missed. If you see a research request or anything else you aren’t sure about, either as a post on a community, a reply, or in a private message you receive, please report it. This will flag the content to us at HealthUnlocked, and the admin team of the community. We will take the necessary action to remove it.

How to report:

Together, we can all work to keep your community on HealthUnlocked a safe and supportive environment.

Do you have more questions? Please have a look at our Help Centre for frequently asked questions and our contact form:

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Thank you MaddieHU, this is reassuring. Good to know that our friends at HealthUnlocked are looking out for us.

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