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Off topic Friday

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I appear to have painted a cow in sheep's clothing. No matter, it will make a good firelighter in these times of high inflation.

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you underestimate your talent Brent ! Your painting is quite obviously two sheep in the snow and it’s beautiful 😍

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BrentW in reply to Thepainterswife

You guessed it, Thepainterswife! How wonderful!

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Thepainterswife in reply to BrentW

I didn’t guess it’s obvious ! And watercolour is so difficult, I think you’ve done a good job there and I only give praise where it’s due I don’t see any benefit in flattery 😂

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its a long time sincei first saw your painting of a cottage..You have made such progress since then. i am afraid your cow in sheeps clothing is an imposter. she is a woolly sheep and so is her friend and it is a delightful little watercolour with such a sense of place. More please


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