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Off Topic Friday! Yay!

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Yet another puffin painting. There are now four on the walls of the local marine research centre, making up for the lack of children's drawings gleaned over the summer, children's activities being curtailed by Covid. I tried to paint a typical Welsh grey day. I hope you enjoy it.

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To brighten things up, here is a painting I did of a blue and yellow macaw, based on a photograph at a recent online art class. Did I make it look as though it is grinning? I used to see these when working on the ecology of the Nariva Swamp, Trinidad. Boy, are they noisy creatures!

A painting of a blue and yellow macaw.
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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to BrentW

Another very fine fellow BrentW. You have the avian world in the palm of your hand. So well executed. I sort of feel he's about to say "piece of eight". So pretty! And definitely if not grinning, then one cheeky bird.

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Both paintings are really excellent Brent. Thank you for sharing. They’ve brightened my day. Xxx

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It's just beautiful BrentW and the marine research centre must be so pleased with your paintings too! You definitely have the puffin off to a T. Just super!


he looks very sardonic as if you have been telling him telling him porkies

Hi Brent, I look forward to seeing your paintings and you have given both birds such character. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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