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Off topic Friday: Self Portrait

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As usual, I am late for Off Topic Friday.

I have been taking some classes in improving brain agility through drawing. For one session I was asked to draw a self portrait using contour lines (i.e., no shading).

This is my result. I am told I am at least recognisable, but I put that down to my beard and long hair more than anything else.

I think it shows how well I am coping with my medical condition with Jacqui's care. I joked with her, "You married this man!" At least she laughed before telling me it is time for a haircut. I hope you like it too.

6 Replies
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i have never met you but you have caught the apprehension of someone having their portrait drawn very well!

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I thinks it’s amazing , there is a definite likeness but more importantly you’ve captured a lot of emotion. I can see anguish and sadness in the eyes but there’s a determination in the set of the mouth . I’m no expert but that’s my take on it , I think you should be very proud of this one

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BrentW in reply to Thepainterswife

Thank you for your kind reply, Thepainterswife. Emotion and determination indeed. My personal motto has for several decades been 'Got to have more fun.' There is still a huge amount that I wish to do, including more drawing. It might not look like a portrait of a man seeking fun, but I guess that depends very much on how one defines it!

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I really wasn't sure which to upload, so here is an attempt on the same day with shading. I am encouraged greatly by your replies to continue trying. Thank you.

Self portrait with shading
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Thepainterswife in reply to BrentW

They’re both good pieces of work , they do both capture a likeness . I’d say there’s more anguish in the second , put together the first one looks positively serene . The more I look at that first one the more I like it , there is definitely a calm air about it You should do a series capturing different moods 😃

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I am certainly no artist , but your drawings remind me of some pencil sketches that my father did in college . I had them framed! Keep up the good work !! I think I like the first one better than the shaded one .Gillian Mookie Fox 🦊.

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