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A little late

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I haven't been able to draw or paint for months -- just no inspiration, and a lack of faith in my own abilities. This week I bought a blending stump (eh?) and produced the attached, which I call Nature Red in Tooth and Paw. Sorry it's late for Off Topic Friday.

On the Care Community side of things, I am now registered as disabled, with my own blue badge for the car. I am on an opiate painkiller (oxycodone) to help me cope with the aches and so on arising from my latest cancer medication. I had been on morphine for a while, which made me feel awful, mentally especially.

My wife is now officially registered as my carer, and is much relieved to be so. I am not sure she will join me here, though, as she is a very private individual. She does feel relieved to know, however, that support is available for her. She feels she has been fighting the carers' battle alone for aeons now.

2 Replies
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Hi Brent , so good that your feeling inspired again and the resulting work is really good .No need to doubt your abilities you definitely have some talent , but don’t do as I did and get hung up on the end result rather than enjoying the process ! Great that you have your badge and your wife is official now , maybe in time she will add her thoughts to the forum. If you remember I’m a carer for my husband but I tend to stick more to the lung conditions forum rather than the carers , there seems to be a bit more action on there and more rapid responses to posts Keep taking the meds , try to stay positive and do continue with your art , your work is getting better all the time 😊 x

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hi Brent! Sorry, not been on here for a while so missed your posts…dun a quick recap! Great to hear your body is coping a bit better n I love the pic! Maybe cost of living could inspire a blank page then move on from there?? How’s things mentally? If Jaqui would prefer to use the chat facility instead of public page I’d b more than happy to natter with her? Very valid qs, even tho I’ve had no dealings with cancer (per se) I have spent 6 yrs caring for my dad.

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