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Carer in need of a little advice

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Hi, l am a Carer and work in the community, l deal with various conditions with the elderly, my youngest is 55 years and the eldest is 93 years, it's my own business, l have various qualifications, to cover my work.

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It sounds as though you are a very caring person to be looking after others.

You say you are in need of a little advice - it sounds as though you have more experience than the rest of us!!!! What is it that you need to talk about?

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I have a client that has type 2 diabetes, after a spell in hospital in January, her readings was above 30, it took until March before the doctor did anything, she was put on tablets, which brought the readings down a little,but not enough. So the doctor decided to put her on insulin once a day, but her readings are still all over the place, the diabetic nurse and doctor does not seem to be doing anything, it's been 3 weeks now since she had a blood test, but still nothing, l seem to be the only one that's concerned, just wondering where to go to next or who to speak too, the lady is 85 years and suffer with A/F too .

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Do you think that when you are not there with her, she is doing everything wrong - eating the wrong things, not eating at the correct times and so on?

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No, she is the other way, l think she doesn't eat enough, she can't get out and her daughter buys the food, and doesn't buy anything that is sugary, or high in carbs, she only drinks water during the day, tea in the morning plus herbal at night, l have also checked for infections !!! 😒

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What a wonderful job you do. Ask any questions and we will do our best to help. Xxxxxx

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Hi, carer. You appear enthusiastic, caring and competent. The woman you care for looks like she is in good hands. I wish you had a double here in the U.S. to sit with me through the coming hurricane here in North Central Florida. I will recall your reassuring face when the winds blow past here.


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Thank you 😊

What a lovely picture, what advice did you need, perhaps someone on here can help?

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Hi BGlyn I was also a carer in the community and I gave it up to care for my mum...I miss my clients dearly it's impossible not to become very fond of them.I'm sure you will find answers on this fantastic site.

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Hi BGlyn, what a lovely photograph! What a great job being a carer, I'm sure your clients must love you and appreciate what you do. You asked for some advice, can you be more specific about what you would advice on? Do check out our pinned posts sections which has links to further information. Hopefully folks on here who have been or are carers will be able to answer some of your questions.

Best wishes.

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I have a client that has been diagnosed with diabetes, type 2. It was picked up while in hospital in January this year, but it took the drs until March to do anything about it. She started with tablets as her readings were above 30, in June they discovered they was not helping because readings was still to high, so started her on insulin once a day, but her reading are still all over the place, yet nobody seems concerned only me, is there anyone a could ask advice from or where to go for help, she is 85 years ??????

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Hi BGlyn

Your client is well cared for and worried about. Do you record the high readings and report them to your supervisor and/or her diabetic nurse/GP? If, as you have checked, her diet is right I don't see what else you can do. So reminds me of the difference between training and the real world...and we want to help our patients/clients properly. Hold on to you are doing your best and I bet she looks forward to your visits.

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Thank you for your answer, it's so frustrating, as l am on my own, the daughter does her best, we watch her diet, and record the everyday readings, she is so worried that she doing everything wrong, even though I try to reassure her, l was wondering if it's lacking exercise as her mobility is not good??that isn't helping,

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