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Mom has really poorly mouth

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Had bad weekend with mom not wanting to eat, and a frightening moment when I realised she was trying to eat her bottom dentures! Have confiscated them now although I hated doing so! Called doctor yesterday and apart from her temperature being slightly up and a nasty case of oral thrush, there's nothing to suggest a chest infection or UTI. When we feed her now she either dribbles or spits most of it back out but she does seem gurgly in her throat which maybe the thrush or aspiration? Has anyone else experienced this? Worried she is deteriorating.

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Have you had her dentures checked? People's mouths change shape as they get older and more frail and badly fitting dentures may be causing her pain or discomfort.

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Nurse been today and said pineapple chunks or juice good for thrush because of enzymes in it. Mom ate bit of breakfast and I have just given her two rings of pineapple blitzed in processor and she's eaten that. Thought it was the end but she may still rally? Emotional rollercoaster or what!?

Hi Xsitch,

Have you had a look at the Alzheimer's Society web pages on support for daily living, including eating and drinking, as these might offer some creative solutions:

NHS Choices- oral thrush: and medication such as Nystatin can sort this out.

Gurling and swallowing issues (dysphagia) are a common problem with people with dementia, and a referral to a speech and language therapist maybe useful. Having oral thrush is painful, uncomfortable, and makes eating and drinking unpleasant. Dental hygiene and denture care are important and worth a checkup with the dentist, to a make sure they are well fitting etc.

Really hope things improve for your mum and you. Keep in touch.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Thanks. She's seen the SALT nurse and doing all that should be done, thickener, mashed food etc. Dentures definitely too big now but can't get her to dentist, and my dentist said he wouldn't be able to do much. The other problem, even if we could get her seen, is getting her to open her mouth, and she can't communicate to tell us if things are hurting! Doctor has given her Nystatin but she doesn't seem to want to eat. Had most of a Fortisip and a bit of ice cream today. Rang district nurses and they are visiting tomorrow.

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Nurse been this morning and said pineapple chunks and juice good for thrush because of enzymes in it. Mom managed a bit of breakfast and I've just given her two rings of pineapple blitzed in processor, which she's eaten! Hopefully its not quite the end yet?!

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Hi XStitch38,

It's really worrying to see a loved one suffering and deteriorating. What shines through in your question is how much you do care. And that's got to be the best help for your mom, whatever difficulties she is going through.

I think that both MAS_Nurse and exhaustedwife have given really good advice and I can't add anything to either of those answers that they didn't cover.

But I just wanted to send you good wishes and hope that you'll be able to make your mom more comfortable very soon.

And who is caring for XSitch? I do hope you have family and neighbours to provide a shoulder to lean on.

Xsitch and wonderful husband cares for me. Don't get away from house much but live in wonderful rural location and enjoy the quiet, making jams and doing cross stitch. You have to make yourself content, which isn't always easy as I do get tired. Nurses here are fabulous! Thanks for your support.

Ah! - That's good XSitch. We live in a pretty little rural village in Surrey, England. We have just finished the jam making season - Now it will soon be time to go out gathering wild mushrooms and fungi to freeze - If I can manage to hobble around the woods and meadows, what with all these beastly pills! I have tried to train Teddy the dog to hunt for truffles - but the silly boy thinks it's some new hilarious game. Heyho!

PS - XSitch - Sound like ten out of ten for your husband. So good.

My mum was in hospital and contracted oral thrush. She didn't have her dentures in so I think because she was having trouble breathing she had her mouth open all the time and think that the moisture from her mouth may have contributed to her having thrush. Some medications can give patients thrush. Regular oral mouth are needs to be done using a mouth swab.

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