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Why is everything so complicated?

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Have had power of attorney added to my husband's bank accounts. Have now made a request for alterations to his one account and had a letter from the bank requesting I fill in forms for power of Attorney to be added to his account. I have already done this with the help of the local branch and they have sent me a card and pin number. I haven't got a clue what is going on now so will go back to the branch Monday. Trying also to extract my Husband from his employment as he has not been to work for two years and they stopped paying him anything long ago. It is coming to a close now but it is so complex with brain injury. Also had to attend a trustees meeting re an inheritance of his miles away. Need a solicitors brain to understand it all and I think I am just overwhelmed with it all.

Drowning in paperwork and fed up with it all x


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Hello Lynd, I do understand where you’re coming from having gone through all sorts of paperwork and palava on behalf of my late mother in law. I just wish we didn’t have to jump through hoops so often when just trying to sort things out.

I hope everything goes well for you on Monday and I do wish you well. Xxxxx

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Lynd in reply to sassy59

Thanks Sassy

Think that letter this morning has totally thrown me. Thinking about it I am wondering if they have only attached it to one account. It's the only thing I can think of.

Suppose I am being selfish but never have chance to think of anything for myself and though totally irrational as he can't help his disability I get tired of only talking about all the nice things he wants to do as he lives in his own bubble now. Will I ever get used to it?

Who knows?

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Lynd

You’re not being selfish Lynd. It’s hard to adapt as your lives have changed so much.

Maybe you will be able to get some time for you in the future, I do hope so. Xxxx

Might be worth a visit to a Citizen's Advice Bureau I'm sure someone there can work through everything with you and even do the letters for you if needed, good luck

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Lynd in reply to Jennymary

Yes I have been to citizens advice about a problem on the account. In fact I think the bank are responding to a letter from them. Really annoyed with the bank as that POA should be attached to that account. It's just having to go allover it again. You think one thing is sorted and it isn't. Been one financial issue after the other since August and I am losing steam.

Hi Lynd,

I say the same thing many times! Most things seems complicated nowadays. Gone are the days when you could pick up the phone and speak to a real person and it would be sorted out the next day.

I hope you manage to have a bit of a break from paperwork for a while Lynd. Helen x

Yes you are right. X

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Hi Lynd,

I can only imagine the amount of paperwork and admin you are having to tackle.

When you think of how difficult it is to keep on top of your own, it's sobering to think how it's trebled and quadrupled when it's someone else's life you are trying hard to keep track of and sort out, as there are so many hurdles put in your way. I don't wonder you're finding it overwhelming. Just try not to let it all crowd in on you and keep plodding along, one problem at a time. You are doing the best you can in trying circumstances!

Very best wishes.

Its a nightmare and dont believe solicitors are always the answer,they messed up our POA big time and its useless,and when I complained they said''well you signed it''.

Been to the bank this morning and sorted it out. At least I hope I have.

Apparently the form shouldn't have been sent. It is all sorted but nobody has told me yet. Couldn't make it up could you. Thanks all for support x

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Good news Lynd, but wouldn't life be so much sunnier without all the headaches caused by inefficiency!

Everything is made so difficult and I must admit I shy away from the legal profession,they are in my experience totally ruthless and their charges are outrageous.

Hey Lynd,i hear you ,its all far to complicated and stressful and if one has to use a solicitor its ridiculously costly and always long drawn out,and i'm not even sure that they can be trusted.

Why everything is made so hard i really dont know,and all this having to use pin numbers and passwords for everything drives me up the wall.

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