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A painting to say "Happy Solstice"

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I hope you have a lovely day. Won't it be nice to be able to say that the days are getting longer? This was adapted from a Goldster art class.

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Another excellent painting. Happy Solstice to you too. Xxx

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A pretty painting BrentW and indeed a happy solstice, because from today, imperceptibly at first, we know that daylight hours will lengthen, and for me that's a cause for happiness! 👍

Another beautiful picture, I find that in a couple of weeks when Christmas decorations are put away for another year that's when I notice the afternokns/evenings are getting lighter

Loved both of your last paintings , I envy your talent, wintery scenes can bring as much joy as Summer ones . Keep up the great work and Happy solstice to you and Happy 🎄too!Gillian, Mookie Fox

Another beautiful atmospheric painting. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to the dags getting longer. xxxx

Days getting longer!

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