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Dont expect to be scammed by a friend

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2 nights ago a friend sent a message to me on Facebook,and i use the term 'friend' loosely,now I have known Vivian several years and she has taken advantage of our hospitality several times.

She said,oh Roddy have you heard the good news,and I was thinking perhaps a mutual friend was getting married but no,she said there is a government scheme,(but not saying what government) and if you qualify you will be awarded £100,000.She said just click on the link and give your details,something i was reluctant to do even though she was a long time friend,she said oh Roddy,but you know i would never scam you,she then bombarded me with constant messages,have you signed,have you signed ,do it now,do it now so i can guide you through it,her insistence immediately sent warning signals,i then said have you made this amazing offer available to Daphne,a mutual friend,to which she never answered.

i then decided i would print off this conversation to send to Daphne,but guess what,she had already deleted her words.However i did tell Daphne about it and she immediately said',dont touch it its a scam'

It has shaken me,and made me question who can i trust,and its made me say,no one.

I honestly dont think i'm made for this world,the lies and deceit is something i'm not used to,i just feel like hiding myself away especially as along now i am very vulnerable.

So if an allegedly close friend can do this i dread to think what an enemy would do.

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Oh Roddy, I don't know what to say, except drop all contact with Vivian, and anyone else who has the misfortune of knowing her, you've got plenty of friends here, not quite the same as meeting for coffee etc, but we'll never scam you, sending warm thoughts your way x

How are you coping after your fall?

I've had a good physio session this morning on my arm, arm virtually extended, and got fairly decent movement, my knee is still incredibly painful especially when I've been sitting down for a long time which I'm doing a lot of, still haven't walked but have stood up on my own 2 feet supported by a stick, hope you and Baby are OK x

not terribly well to be honest,the pain is unrelenting,and nothing really helps,and if i took more Morphine i would become a

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secrets22 in reply to Jennymary

Oh Jenny,thank you so much ...and my friendship with Vivian i can assure you,is now over,xxx

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secrets22 in reply to Jennymary

oh Jenny,she is now crossed off my list and i never want to hear from her again,disgusting lowlife woman.x

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Dear Roddy, what a truly awful thing to have happened to you. Forgive me for asking but was the message definitely from your friend and not someone purporting to be her? If you have known this lady for a long time it may be worth querying. Scams and scammers are everywhere sadly. Please don’t despair, you’re not alone and thank goodness you didn’t fall for it. We all have to keep our wits about us always.

Take care.

Carole xxxxx

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secrets22 in reply to sassy59

oh yes Carole it was from Vivian,definately,but now our friendship is finished,and to think how often we would entertain her,it makes me shudder.xx Roddy.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to secrets22

That’s so very sad Roddy. Some friend! Awful. Xxxxx

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moyramm in reply to secrets22

Hi this is definitely a scam as I nearly fell for the same thing with one of my friends You need to block the message and report to Facebook as a scam

I'm sorry to hear that's happened to you.

Hiding yourself away is the last thing you should do as it just ruins your confidence!

How's the dogs getting on?

Baby is well and looking forward to her weekly treats.

the dogs are happy and a delight.x

Was it actually from your friend, accounts can easily be hijacked by scammers.

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secrets22 in reply to bantam12

oh yes it was her,she has a certain way of talking and only those who know her would know that.

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moyramm in reply to secrets22

Secrets22 I thought the same with the message I got from my friend but it's deffinetly a scam The scammers have created a fake account using your friends profile etc

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Hi Roddy, It's really rotten to be let down by someone you considered to have been a friend. Like sassy59 I wondered initially whether it really was a genuine message as it's relatively easy to hack email accounts, so it's as well that you checked that out, but awful to have discovered that it really was your so called friend.Scamming is a horrible thing to do to anyone ever, but for a purported friend to have done it makes it entirely unforgivable and the only thing you can do Roddy is to sever all connections.

So sorry this happened to you, but try to let it go and remember we can all be taken in by disingenuous people. It does make it hard to trust in future, but becoming bitter only leads to more loneliness and mistrust. It's such a pity we have to take even our friendships with a pinch of salt, but friendships are mostly really worthwhile, so think about the friendships you have that really are genuine but at the same time, guard your finances at all cost!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

A great reply Callendersgal. Well said. Xxx

You have lots of friends Who only have love and best wishes for you !

Are you sure your friend's account hasn't been hacked and someone was pretending to be her? I've heard that this can happen. You have to be so careful.


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secrets22 in reply to klr31

no,its not been hacked as i know how she always, words her conversation ,its very different than most,unusual would be an understatement.

Hi Roddy this is arful and as mentioned another let you down other day when never turned up I totally understand how you want to lock yourself away I'm.a bit like that but Daphne sounds ok as she said it's a scam and I'm.sure you are intuitive enough to let your intuition guide you in whom are your friends your gut feeling and still see your trusted friends for lunch etc just absolute no no where money's concerned they say neverer a lender or borrower be yes you are vulnerable as are me and mam as we're on are own I could tell many a story of workmen that ripped us off and left us in mess I only trust my regular builder and gas central heating plumber and I feel the electrician who's been to price job is genuine and knows my builder and doesn't live far so I'm not dreading his partner doing the work tuesday, this is raw for you and in few days you'll feel bit better we do need to get harder as too many people aren't that nice but most are 🤗xxx

She just assumed you are a soft touch YOU

Proved you are nothing of the sort

Well done for not falling on to this scam despite all these pressure tactics

I hope your other friends are warned about this scam of Vivian

Not that many other drivers might be as savvy as you and succumb to the requests

Thats terrible -the AUDACITY of her - If that was me -I d be giving her a taste of her own medicine & played her at her own game -I watched a programme called Caught Red Handed & it featured a woman who owned a stables who was scammed by her friend who volunteered there & she played her at her own game & succeeded

Its good advice from Jennymary actually

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