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Hi again everyone,

When I posted yesterday on part 2 of Ed Balls Care Crisis program, there was a really excellent response from member philbou. I expect some of you will have read it already, but it was so thoughtful and thorough that I asked philbou if he would mind if I shared it as a post, so that it will reach a wider audience. Philbou is currently his wife's carer after a subarachnoid haemorrhage. To me it sums up the feelings of so many of us, and how badly we need to be noticed and for things to change.

Here it is:

'I think it ridiculous how the current system is run

And needs complete overhaul

And it’s being ignored by governments for years

But we will all need care at some point

Something needs to be done

We are all living longer

We are living with limiting conditions

Is there an answer that will suit everyone. Probably not

Most people don’t think about their elderly care until it’s too late

We have a lifetime to plan for it

But it only happens changes in out last few years and at the point where normal life can’t continue I think we all tend to deny it’s coming and fail to understand when we need help

I personally like the idea of the retirement villages community’s

But not ones run for the insane profits by company’s now

I think these should be run and mandated by government have onsite help wardens a cafe/pub/shop/social area

But be safe and enclosed to prevent wandering off /unwelcome visitors

Somewhere where I wouldn’t mind moving to

Would be nice to have proper weather too

We retire too late in life

But we also all fail to plan for it

Either because we can’t afford to or our pensions are overtook by inflation

Of we deny it will happen to us

I don’t want my kid to look after me when I’m older

I don’t really want strangers doing it either

And I don’t want to die in a hospital

But that is the reality of what will happen to the majority of us '

Lots to think about there! Thanks philbou!

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Very good points here. I could identify with so much of this!

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An excellent post that really affects us all. I’d rather be able to care for myself if possible. We do fail to prepare though and honestly can’t rely on Government to do much. They haven’t up too now. Philbou’s post is a wake-up call to us all. Xxx

I can't see why these retirement homes, or villages, can't be run on the same principle as our NHS. There is too much being built for students and not enough for the rest of society.

Very well said.

Thank you for highlighting philbous thoughts . I can identify with much of this but do not agree with housing associations making profit from older people who have given so much in their lifetime including ourselves. I was a person who backed the village idea in my younger days when working for Coventry Extra care, but sadly not sure its the answer for all and I have now found myself due to living alone selling my hard earned home to finance a sheltered accommodation in order to maintain a life that now has no care facilities for me. I am not able to use the facilities of a village due to disability worsened by age., many of these villages are aimed at the active older person, the less abled just seem to be ignored , left at home making do with what ever they can still manage alone or with help often from an elderly partner or relative. Is this a good way to end ones later life ?, I think not. Future Care needs need to be addressed more throughly especially as we are being encouraged to live well and healthy, resulting in living longer but with no care services to meet that need or the financial means to pay for it as we have such a low pension for our elderley in this Country.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks very much for your well thought out comments katieoxo60, and you have first hand experience of the other side of the coin so can speak with authority! 👍💖

You are welcome, always remember voices of experience need to join consultations with the care sectors so both good and bad options can be discussed. Not all decisions are best for the majority some examples are shown in the complaints about new approaches in NHS & care services. Enjoy your day its a lovely blue sky here but a bit knippy.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to katieoxo60

Yes katieoxo60, real ground roots experience is critical. We all get tired of being 'done to' by authoritarian amateurs in public life who have no practical experience of the root of any problem. It's pretty chilly here to today, but to be honest, that's the way I like it in winter. It's a lovely crisp day with blue skies and the last of the leaves on the tree outside are clinging on tenaciously but liable to float off in quite a strong breeze. Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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