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Quotation for Thursday 21st May 2020


Hi everyone,

I was leafing through an old poetry book of mine this morning. One that contains several poems very special to me.

It’s another book that’s been with me for a long time, and I was really surprised to notice on the dust jacket that its price was quoted in old time shillings, (15 shillings to be exact), together with its decimal equivalent of 75 pence.

I was surprised and shocked. 75 pence is such a measly sum now. But when the book was published, around the start of decimalisation in the 1960s, its equivalent 15 shillings was a significant amount of money. I looked it up and the average wage back then was less than £10 a week!

Anyway, I’m digressing. It made me wonder what others had said about surprise and finding the unexpected.

In the end I chose this quotation from Alan Watts, (a well-known writer, speaker and Buddhist teacher).

“The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”

I think that if you want to protect yourself from the worst effects of change, that’s a good idea. Resistance usually does end up being futile. We either join the maelstrom and get swept along with it, or get left behind to sink and drown.

And I think that applies to the current crisis too. We didn’t want it to happen. We hate it and all of the new restrictions suddenly placed on us, but we’ve had no option but to accept and get on with things as they are and not as we wanted them to be.

Hope you have a good day and maybe even a good surprise or two!

(Photo: Roger Bradshaw, Unsplash.com)

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A very good, uplifting post Callendersgal. I really don’t like change yet have always gone along with it and accepted it. As you say, resistance is futile. I think many people have accepted the situation we’re in with determination and stoicism because we are all in this together....whether we like it or not.

I’m always up for a few surprises but until then, I’m just happy to be.

Enjoy your day and any surprises that may come your way. Xxxx🌸🦋🌈

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Thanks sassy59! I always admired my dear old mum for her attitude to change. At a time when people really didn't embrace innovation, she just took it all in her stride. And I guess that's how I learned to just be accepting too. Hope you've had a good day too! 💖☀️🦋🌿🦄🌙 xxxx

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We’ve had a lovely day thank you and it’s good to see the sunshine.

Take care Callendersgal xx🌞😘💖🌈

That is a lovely quote . I always think of my paternal Grandmother in tough times , she used to say to me ‘ When the going gets tough , the tough keep going ‘ it has stood me through so many changes . She was the Grandmother , my mother didn’t want me to see , and we were only allowed a Sunday morning with her and my Grandpop , with just my father taking us . They had the most wonderful market garden and orchard , and across the road we just had time to visit the farm and the animals before heading home . I always wish I had seen her more as we had so much in common , but her strength lives on in me in these tougher times .

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What a shame you didn't get to see them more Daisy55, but at least you had regular, if short, contact and your grandmother clearly had a lasting and very positive influence on your life. Those are the very special people we meet as we go through life. They help make us who we are and help us set our moral compass. 🙏😊

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