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World Alzheimer's Day, 21 September

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Today is World Alzheimer's Day. With over 46 million people worldwide believed to be living with dementia, it's highly likely that you, or someone you know, cares for a loved one affected by the condition. Here's an extract from a poem written by a Revitalise guest and carer:

'Caring for one with dementia is a lonely affair,

because of 'you as a person' they're no longer aware.

They're living their life in their own little bubble,

unaware you have needs and might need a cuddle.

They lose all awareness of concept of time,

so can live in the past or repeat the same sentence, time after time,

and if they want lunch in the middle of the night,

you cannot convince them that the time isn't right.

You take on the money, the cooking, the care,

so there's no time for the 'you' that's hiding in there.

But, having said all these things it can also be sunny,

when they suddenly smile or do something funny.'

If you'd like to leave a comment for us in response to the poem, we would love to hear from you. Thank you!

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Very nice poem. I can totally relate.....Being Worlds Alzheimer's Day today, my mother in law passed yesterday and also lost my mom in 2013 from this horrible disease. I do know they're both at peace now. Wonderful poem & God Bless

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Jenni_wegner2617

Sorry for your loss Jenni. Xxx

Hello Jenni_wegner2617 we are very sorry to hear your sad news, thank you for taking the time to respond to our poem.

Dear Jenni. My Mum passed away on the 8th so condolences. Despite being nearly 96 she had only a small amount of memory loss but was physically poorly so it was a happy release for her. It is my husband who has a rare form of dementia and he has just had sepsis and been in hospital 2 weeks and only came home yesterday. Sadly he cannot express empathy any longer so his reaction to Mum dying was very odd and he cannot express any sympathy. Just as well I know that if he did not have dementia he would have been the most loving caring sympathetic person in my world.

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What a lovely poem so thank you for sharing. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s and is now in care. It truly is a terrible disease. Xx

Hello sassy59 great to hear from you again, we're glad to know you like the poem too.

Thank you for publishing my poem. I wrote it when during an Alzheimer week at Netley having watched what was going on round us. We are hoping to get there at the end of the month but my husband was taken into hospital with sepsis on 7 September and was only brought home yesterday. His mobility is currently reduced so as long as I can get him down the path and into the specialised car we will get there as I think we both need the love and care we receive there especially as my Mum died on the 8th too. x

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