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I’m new. Be gentle with me!

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Good Morning. I’m new to this hub. I’ve been a full time Carer for my Mother for just over 15yrs now. Today was supposed to be (yet another) new start to my plan to loose weight and become healthier. As with most plans, I fell at the first hurdle but some simple and supportive words from my partner encouraged me to suck it up and make the best of things. Today, for the first time in over 40yrs I ran/jogged a bit. Do I feel better for it? Yes, I think I do. Will I continue with it? Yes, I think I might. As a full time Carer rare moments of personal freedom are to be savoured and I’ve learnt over the past 15+ years to wring every ounce of joy out of them.

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Welcome to the forum Twiglet. Don’t worry we’re a gentle lot, you’re in safe hands. I understand completely about best laid plans going awry and applaud your partner for his supportive words.

I’m carer for my husband and it’s not always easy to get some me time. You’ve inspired me to take up walking and see how I get on.

Enjoy your day. Xxxx

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Hello Twiglet65, Of course we'll be gentle with you! A warm welcome here in the Care Community. What a wonderful idea to take charge of yourself and take a little exercise. There's pretty heavy evidence that it can not only increase your fitness but your feelgood factor too, and that's really important when you're a carer. How lovely that your husband is supportive of you too. Fifteen years is a considerable amount of time to devote to the care of one person and it does take its toll, even when it's your own mother. You're so right to take every moment of free time that you can so you don't become burned out, and worse, bitter for devoting so much of your life to someone else, no matter how loved. Do stay in touch and don't forget to let us know how your running/jogging.

Well done.It’s really hard to find time for you when you’re a career.

It’s good you have done something for you,instead of catching up on chores.

Keep going.

I am so impressed that you have been caring for your mum for 15 years!!! You are a total gem 💎 I do keepfit indoors but used to run (asthma too bad these days) but I find it really helps mentally! Just helps make you feel better somehow, even though it’s sometimes difficult keeping the motivation and momentum going! I hope you feel proud of yourself for doing that and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon! But I think that sounds like a great time for yourself..as long as you enjoy it! 🤗

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