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Monday Round-up


Hello to you all on this last day of the Easter weekend. It's hardly spring weather so if you are somewhere where you can meet outside, and planning to see friends and/or family, I hope you can find a sheltered spot in which to do so. I took one look at the day and decided it's indoors for me!

Wishing anyone who has joined us this week a warm welcome and please do consider become an active member, whether it's to ask questions, or for help, or to offer some experiences of Caring. And of course anything off topic, or in-between too. Particularly during this long pandemic, we've increasingly just talked off-topic, as that's been important too.

My weekend was spent doing quite a bit of talking, but on the phone, as my family are fairly distant from me. My first call was with my sister and I was sorry to hear that her husband with mixed dementia had had a fall getting out of bed, and been taken off to A&E a few days ago. Thankfully, apart from a small head wound he's OK and was allowed home, but of course another drama for my poor sister, which is so often the life of a Carer. Happily her children are supporting her really well now, so she's managing and keeping cheerful, and as always, we put the world to rights on the phone.

Then I had a long chat with my daughter too, who was telling me about her group of sea cadets, for whom she is a volunteer. They'd had a weekend of virtual events, meeting up on Zoom, and yet again I marvelled at how many things have been successfully switched and everyone's adapted to managing that way. But I'm sure, still looking forward to a few more freedoms after the next week.

I'm dying to get a haircut, but my hairdresser's on holiday for the remainder of the schools' Easter break, and the first opportunity for me is on 22nd April, so until then my hair's supported by a scaffold of hair grips, alice bands, strange goo from jars, and hairspray.

I've got very thin, wispy, old-lady hair, and had a horrible nightmare a few nights ago in which I discovered an enormous bald patch. Clearly the possibility of big scale hair loss is in my subconscious somewhere, as another of my sisters, with hair like mine, has suffered severe hair loss from her late 70's, so I know it's a possibility for me too!

What has anyone else done with regard to hair during the lockdown? Do you struggle as I do to keep unruly locks tamed, or have you got more structured hair, or even cut your own?

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, and that you'll let us know what you've been up to.

Best wishes to everyone for the coming week. Let's hope it's a good one!

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Hi Sue, your right about meeting up outside I think I will be giving it a miss to its freezing up North and we had a few snowflakes through the night and now they sun is out but there's a bitter wind blowing . I'm lucky about not having a haircut it doesn't grow to much and what there is keeps my head warm. Clive X 🤗

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Littleboy

Ohh, keep warm Clive! And hang on to that hair! 😊👍

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Littleboy

Stay warm and well Clive xxx

Ah yes hair. One of the things I as looking forward to coming down here to live was the local hairdresser who is very good and much much cheaper than my previous one. Ho Ho HO.

So i have been cutting it myself at the front and getting David to cut it level round the back where I can't see it. All right for a while but I have fine fair and a flat head so it was looking like a workhouse cut round the back. I lost patience with one day it and nearly twisted my arms off trying to work out what on earh I was doing with the scissors as I attacked it.It felt marvellous with all that thatch gone but David taught me the gaelic word Burach which means a totall mess. He dealt with the worst excesses and it has settled down and grown out but oh I do so want a decent hair cut

sassy59Ambassador in reply to FredaE

Me too FredaE. Roll on the 23rd. Xx

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

Love that FredaE and learned a new word which I'll now be applying to my own mop! 🤣👍

Hi it's cold so indoors it is for meI've cut my own hair watched YouTube video for hints.....its not too bad if I say so myself lol


Hi Callendersgal, it looks quite nice outside but I’m sure it’s chilly. We will have our daughter in law and granddaughter round this afternoon so we will have to wrap up warm. As long as it stays dry I think we’ll cope.

Yesterday we had fun with our daughter and family in their garden which was lovely. I do enjoy having someone else do the entertaining sometimes.

I’m pleased you managed to chat with your sister and daughter and I hope your brother in law won’t have anymore falls. It’s such a worry for your dear sister.

My hair is awful. It’s fine, wispy and curly. I have an appointment for the 23rd and can’t wait. I think a hairband is in order. I’m afraid of losing my hair as my mum lost hers over the years and I’m very like her. Oh dear.

Have a great week everyone and take care xxx😘👍🌼

Went to see Mum yesterday. She has a fairly sheltered garden so we enjoyed a few hours of sunshine. Went cold though later.Had my birthday pressie which Mum has kept from February. Happy day.

Normally my westie and Mum's cat get on ok. Yesterday, my dog left some of her lunch in her dish and the cat decided to eat it. My dog decided this was not on so ended up with scenes like out of a cartoon.

Mum said she prefers to be lonely than put up with us 😁

Have a good Easter in any way you can.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Lynd

Glad you had a lovely day apart from the cat and dog disagreeing. Hope no fur flew! 😜

Enjoy your day. Xxx💖👍

Well,you were busy with phone calls and suchlike,and i did some of the same.I did intend to get out on the garden today,but no i wont,its freezing cold,and it looks so inviting from my window,and friends in the Midlands tell me they have a sprinkling of snow.

Sorry to read that your sisters husband had a fall,but thankfully he is now home,it is a thankless task being a carer,but its what caring folk do.xx

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to secrets22

Hi Roddy, I'm glad to hear you too were sociable with calls. It's good to hear how everyone's doing and hopefully not too long until we can really catch up with some of them. Yes, horribly cold and no time for being out and about, chilling your bones! It's much nicer here today and I've just flung the window open and the room's flooded with warmth and light. Lovely!

No snow here, but the sun is visiting, haven't been out but think it'll be quite chilly. Best wishes to your brother in law, hope he's on the mend and your sister is coping OK. Hair booked for 11 May, when I messaged them I said I can do any day apart from Wednesday and Saturday, they offered a Wednesday appt next week, but I'd committed myself to going to work so May it is, as fringe is right down over my face I've got myself a hair band and grips for when I'm working 😊❤️🌻🌷

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Jennymary

Thank you Jennymary. Yes, my brother in law had a narrow escape really, but doing OK for now. Of course with his condition it tends to be a lurch from crisis to crisis and I do worry for my sister. Thanks for your good wishes for her. Carers do need as much good will as they can get! Oh what a nuisance with your hair appointment! Grrr.... Still hooray for hair grips and bands as I know to my cost! (I do look silly in my alice band, but it's better than the shaggy dog look)! 🤣🌸🔆

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