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A picture for FredaE

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This is by request for FredaE and of course anyone else who might be interested. It's one of the two other completed scrapbook projects from my current album. This one is The Teddy Bear's Picnic. I hope you enjoy it Freda E, and the second one follows this.

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That’s really lovely. Thank you Callendersgal. Xxx😘💕💜

I love it. What a lovely memory picture it would make. Not so much for someone you have lost but more the joyful things you did together.. Teddy Bears picnic reminds me of my husbands niece who came to stay with us one summer and said she would love a real picnic with a red and white checked table cloth. Since we were too far away for her friends we took my daughters teddies along as guests. She has her own litle girl now but still remembers that day

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

What a wonderful idea FredaE. I'm now formulating a plan to have a teddy-bears' picnic with my daughter and granddaughter, maybe out in the New Forest, and I think we too will have that red checkered tablecloth as those really do seem to say 'picnic'!

I love your scrap book Callendersgal 😃it would be a great talking point for children and adults of any age 😃

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