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Monday round-up


Hi All,

First a customary warm welcome to anyone who has joined us this week and especially those who have shared their problems with us. I hope we've been able to help you in some way.

We are like an encyclopaedia! There's so much first hand experience here of almost every possible situation that carers find themselves in. So thanks for being a part of this A-Z reference work for knowledge and support!

How was your weekend, other than wet and windy for many?

I waxed lyrical on Friday about the beautiful colour of the tree just outside, and then on getting up on Saturday, watched as high wind tugged at limbs-full of leaves and I could see them floating upwards and away before all coming to rest outside the front door of the apartment block. It's going to be a treacherous walk to the pavement this morning, as the leaves are now piled high and are slippery from rain. I'm only so glad I took the time to really look at the tree's Friday beauty before it all vanished in front of my eyes!

It's a reminder that all things march on, wanted or unwanted. Nothing remains the same for long. All things are in a constant state of flux, even things that look immoveable, like mountains, and sometimes it can be a comfort to remember that.

Who knows what the coming week will bring? Let's hope that, for most of us, there will be at least some small sparks of light and happiness.

Take care everyone, in what is a really uncertain point in time.

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Hi Callendersgal, what a wet and windy weekend most of us had. No damage here thank goodness. Shame about the beautiful trees but that’s what stormy weather does. Glad you got to see them in all their glory. Some things are fleeting.

It was good to have contact with some members and I’d just like to add that we’re here for each other through good times and bad.

It’s meant to be a dreary week for half term but the suns out for now at least. I woke up at 2.30 this morning and looked out to see the beautiful stars twinkling in the sky. A sight to behold.

Have a peaceful week everyone and stay well and safe.

Love to all xxx🌈❤️🌹🙏🏻

I had a great weekend in spite of getting locked down again having some nice walks out looking at the autumn leaves, caught up with the washing on Saturday afternoon when the weather wasn't very nice and changed the bed so that's all up to date.

Sunday lunch was a video call with my sister in law and baby the cat. Baby ends the calls with a meow to say bye bye and she answers us with meows as well when we talk to her!

One thing you can do something about is your behaviour and although initially I was disappointed about the autumn events not happening I came to terms with it and turned the disappointments into appointments and opportunities like getting spared from having to wear those wretched masks whilst out and about and saving money as well.

Lets hope a littl bit more positivity

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