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Shy drager syndrome awareness


I want to make everyone aware of shy drager syndrome this disease takes the sufferers very existence from them and i mean it. My mother lived with it and died from it the symtoms are nasty, they are breathing difficulties in later stages and muscle rigidity my mothers legs were stuck from her knees they were permanently bent backwards she was in constant pain everyday, her food was pureed and every drink she had was thickened so she could swollow it she choked on every bit of food she had eventually she could not swollow at all, her speech gradually left her at the very end of her life she barely could speak, the symtoms im describing are ones i can only remember please im begging u if u see any of these symtoms do not wait see your doctor in an emergency im saying this to try and save someones life shy drager is something i would never wish on my worst enemy its a killer a person with this like my mother she was a very dignified young lady she may forget things as she had dementia and Parkinson's disease to but all through her illness she always had time for her family even if all she could do was listen to u my beautiful mum would do it. I only lived 450 yards from her and she had a call bell the call center needed someone to go to her if she needed help one day that happened but something of a miracle happened i thanked god everyday after it happened at the time my mum had 2 jack Russell's toby the boy knew something was wrong mum could not reach her bell toby picked it up from the string and brought it up to her she pressed it and a lady came over the system my mother had and asked her if she was ok my mum was choking the lady called an ambulance then me because i went to bed dressed and my slippers by the door i was there in two mins literally toby met me at the door barking his head off i ran in and mum was purple i was trained to help her but being disabled it was not easy but trust me every bit of pain that day was worth it i sat behind her on the bed and supported her and gave five sharp slaps on her back a small boiled sweet flew out by that time the ambulance was there, toby was a hero that day he was spoilt rotten bless him she was saved that day. Even through the hell of my shy drager syndrome there can be life to. All motor skills and everything that person is is taken from her please look it up learn from it and share the hell out of it more people who know about it the more lifes can be saved. This is a very new disease and my mum was amoung the first people to get it theres no cure yet

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How harrowing Dragongirl81for your dear mum and yourself. So fortunate you lived close by and what a wonderful little dog Toby was on that fateful day.

I will be looking up shy drager syndrome as had never heard of it before today.

Sending best wishes to you. Xxxx

Dragongirl81 in reply to sassy59

Thank u please share to your other freinds and family so u can spread the word


Hi Dragongirl81,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Shy-drager syndrome (also known as Multiple System Atrophy) with us, and for telling us all how your mum unfortunately suffered with it.

Luckily it is very rare, though it's been recognised for a little more time than you may have been led to believe.

That's a remarkable thing about your mum's Jack Russell, Toby. Our pet animals can be so intuitive and Toby really helped to save her life that day. You must all have been so grateful to him.

Shy-drager certainly is a most dreadful thing and I'm so sorry you had to go through your mum's suffering, along with her, and that you lost her to it.

It's always good to be informed about the diseases that can strike us, and especially the rarer ones that don't readily come to our attention. I'm sure that an awful lot of our group won't have been aware of it. I was only very vaguely aware of it myself and not at all sure of its symptoms.

So thanks again for sharing, and very best wishes to you.

Toby and her other dog bessie got completely spolit her partner took them both out for a run on the moors then back to the butchers they were both treated to a bone and a small steak each they were both very well spolit that day

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