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I've been a bit less engaged with the Care Community this past week than usual, as my husband and I were on a short break to the lovely city of York, somewhere I'd wanted to visit for years, so the whole thing was a delight. But whilst there, I also made a visit that could be said to have been on my 'bucket list'.

But oh how I hate that phrase. We all know what it indicates, but to me it has more connotations with 'slop bucket' than anything else. Whoever threw something precious into a bucket?

No, I prefer to say that 'I've hung another jewel on my tree of life'! But what was it?

I visited the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, Yorkshire. A lifelong fan of the Brontes and their writing, it was an absolute thrill to see their home and the everyday artefacts of their lives there. I know that not everyone would get shivers running down their spines to be within inches of the bonnet that Charlotte Bronte wore on her wedding day, but history buff that I am, that's what it did for me.

All good things must come to an end and we arrived home yesterday when I caught up not only with the holiday washing, but with what's been happening here in real life, including for all you lovely folks here at the Care Community. I hope everyone has been as well and happy as possible whilst I've been away and that you've overcome some of your many daily challenges. It's good to be back among you all.

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Good to have you back Callendersgal and what a wonderful break you’ve had.

I also love history and would have been in awe of such amazing artefacts.

You have many happy memories of a lovely time away and so pleased you enjoyed it.

Wishing you well, xxxxx

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy59! x

Bucket list is a horible expression. Something I am determined to do before I kick the bucket.. there must be something better. Drop off my perch list ......? Any better suggestons please

There is also fuckit list - things I ought to do but refuse to bother with. Even nastier

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

Hi FredaE,

'Fall off my perch' sounds perfect!

That sounds wonderful Callendargal. York is beautiful and it is some time ago since I last visited. So glad you had the chance to add a jewel to your tree of life. These precious moments, gifts are to be treasured and enrich our lives. It is good to take time out of the ordinary humdrum of life, to recharge our batteries and get a fresh perspective on things. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

MAS Nurse :-)

Well done you,York is a beautiful city,and the break will have done you good,its always good to get a few days away.x

Hi it's star Warwick I've been diagnosed with svd recently and am getting more and more confused 😕 I'm glad you got to go to Yorkshire it sounds beautiful and the jewel in the tree of life sounds beautiful i love that saying great to have you back


Hi Starsky52. Thanks very much. It's good to be back too. Travelling's wonderful, but it does make you appreciate your usual life too when you get back.

I see you've just joined us at the Care Community so a very warm welcome and I'm sure that you'll find yourself among friends here.

Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. I hope that you'll come back and share some of your challenges with other members of our group or just to let us know how you are feeling.

Very best wishes.

Wow would live to visit there some time. I love history too, the older I get, the more interested I become it seems!? Hubby and I could both do with break but with mom how she is, this isn't possible at the moment. However I think it's looking more likely she's danced her last waltz and is slowly leaving the dancefloor. She doesn't want to eat, and her skin has started to break down on her bottom. Heartbreaking to watch and I feel so helpless. Have you ever been to Castle Howard? Thats another place on my TO DO list.


Hi XSitch38,

So sorry to hear about your mom's deterioration. I know what a difficult time it is, with all sorts of thoughts and emotions swirling about, and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

I have to agree with you about things past becoming so much more dear to you as you age. I hope you achieve your ambition some day to get to Castle Howard. I deliberately didn't on this trip, although I'd love to see it. I was in York with my husband who has a bit of a short attention spell with historic buildings and I think Castle Howard deserves more than a cursory visit. So I'm saving myself for a visit with someone who is a bit more on my wavelength when it comes to stately homes and castles!

Very best wishes and thinking of you at this difficult time.

Thank you. Had bad day with eating today. Resorted to everything via a syringe, even rice pudding! See what tomorrow brings.

Hi, so pleased you managed to get a break. It is so important to try to recharge our batteries! I too visited Haworth a few years ago and was captivated by the atmosphere of the place and it made a lasting impression on me. Pleased to see you back as your advice is always welcome. With love xx


Thanks so much Hellebelle, so glad to be back with you all. xx

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