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Monday Round-up


Good Monday morning all,

Firstly welcoming any new members who have joined us this week and a thanks to all who contributed with posts and/or replies.

The past week seems to have been a bit strange for me. On the one hand I've felt a bit constrained and fed up with the England lockdown, but on the other it's passed so quickly and every day I seem to have been trying to play catch-up as the mornings have whizzed away from me and left me with only half a day to do what needs to be done. How does that happen?

It culminated last night in my telling my sister, in a phone call, that my husband began his night shift duties from today, while he was in the background gesticulating and saying "Nooooo.... it's TONIGHT!" That was a shocker as I then scrambled to prepare a meal much earlier than I'd planned, whilst trying to look as if it had always been my intention to wait until the very last moment to feed him! So it was a bit of a scratch affair to say the least!

However, the reason I'd been speaking to my sister is that she's home from hospital and doing really well! Whilst social services haven't been that forthcoming, my nieces have sourced some home help privately and arranged for a stair lift to be installed this week. It's always such a relief to watch a crisis recede after being beaten into submission. We spoke in a video-call and I was able to see for myself that she's so much better and feeling very buoyant about her further recovery. So it's an A1 outcome, so far. And once again, thank you all so much for all the good wishes you sent for her at the outset.

For anyone else who is struggling with a difficult caring situation, I send really warm wishes that you too can come through it and reach a calmer place soon. I know how many challenges you face every day with more thrown in because of the current crisis. It may feel as if the world forgets you, but as far as this community is concerned you can always be sure we are thinking of you and ready to support you when needed.

Take care all, and I hope the upcoming week will be a good one.

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Good morning Callendersgal,

I also welcome newcomers and love to hear from everyone whenever they feel like chatting.

I totally empathise with your feelings about last week as I feel exactly the same. The days just whizzed by and so did the week. I’m very fed up with lockdown made worse by our little grandson wanting to come in as he normally would. I’m being very good though and can’t wait to have my hair cut on the 2/12.

Such good news about your sister and to have a stair lift fitted should be an enormous help. Hopefully things will improve now.

We’re all here for each other thank goodness. So many wonderful caring people on here doing an amazing job.

Have a good week all and stay safe xxx🌈

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, I'm so glad you are managing to stay cheerful despite being fed up in lockdown. The temptation to give in when a grandchild wants to see you must be really hard to bear but you're right to focus on the future. It's not too long now until we may be given some extra little freedoms and I bet your haircut's quite high on your list of those too. I was so lucky that my hairdresser pre-empted my not getting mine, by calling me in early, a day or so before lockdown started. I'm really so pleased and relieved about my sister's progress. It's her birthday today and I just tried to call her but I'm getting the busy tone over and over, so the 'queen' is obviously entertaining her 'public'. She's a well loved lady so it might take me a while to get through!


sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Haircut has to be rearranged as I have a Doppler test in the same day. Hopefully my hairdresser can sort something out.

Happy birthday to your sister. Hope you get through soon. Xxxx👍😀

catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Best of luck with your Doppler!

sassy59Ambassador in reply to catgirl1976

Thank you catgirl. Pete’s having the same procedure on Wednesday. X

catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

I had one a few years ago at a and e when I had blood clots in my lungs and they're nothing to worry about and the radiographer will put you at ease and explain things.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to catgirl1976

It’s being done at the surgery on my lower legs and I had it last year too. Pete and I have poor circulation. Take care xxxx

Im rather hoping that my riding instructor will confirm she can continue to take on customers . Im going to ring her on 2nd December & hope she will say yes so I can re book my rides out agaian (or hacks as theyre called in equestrian terms)

Its my birthday on Thursday November 26th & so glad that I can spend christmas at my mum & dads theres only 2 households in our family -me (living alone) & mum & dad in my late nan's house about 20 mins away)

Well I had my first PR (pulmonary rehab today (23/11) -& he scores went as follows

Pre SP02 (blood oxygen saturation) 92% Heart Rate 98 bpm (before excercise)

This time the during scores werent taken/recorded unlike last week

Post SP02 94% HR96%

The nurses all said that was good so we ll see what Wednesday brings -its at 9.30 am

I shall be gutted if they say no or theres no spaces left- if they do I think I l be looking elsewhere

CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Sara_2611

Wishing you an advanced happy birthday for the 26th Sara_2611 and good luck with booking your rides.Glad too that you'll be able to spend Christmas with family.

Very best wishes for your next PR and glad that seems to be satisfactory so far. Thanks for your post.

youre welcome .Hopefully my scores will stay in the 90s & when the hospital phones me to discuss an oxygen machine they wi be good enough for me to make the decision that I dont want one

Wel I dont want one at all I think I ll be making that clear to them should they keep trying to persuade me - & Im going to put my foot down , say no & wont stand for any bullying from them over it

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