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Feel Good Friday& A Very Happy Easter

Good morning to all you very caring people in our community. How was your week? We would love to hear about any good news you would like to share, or any difficulties if you have experienced a bad week in your caring role.

The past week has been a very happy and rewarding one as a great friend who suffers disabilities has achieved something she has been working towards for the past six years. So it's very best wishes to her, however it hasn't all been plain sailing. I know there are many of you who will struggle during this four day bank holiday, but we are here for you so please share your lows as well as your highs.

I would like to share with you this very short poem:-

I wish to send

Many happy Easter wishes,

May your happiness be great and your troubles few,

And may all your Springtime dreams come true.


Jackie MAS Nurse.

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Thank you Jackie and happy Easter to you.

We have been busy this week looking out for our daughter and grandsons. Our son-in-law has been working away.

Looking forward to a lively family Easter with a fun egg hunt too.

Happy Easter to all. Xxx 🐰🐣💐


Thank you, it's a different kind of caring I guess, enjoy looking out for them. Have fun and enjoy the Easter egg hunt.

MAS Nurse


Quiet Easter and very different week, with OH falling but lots of support on this site, happy to say now recovering albeit slowly, daughter coming tonight and great grandchildren for few hours tomorrow so something to look forward to after a hard week.


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