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Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer


I recently went to see the specialist about my rheumatoid arthritis. My condition has got worse in the past two years to the degree I have been wheelchair bound for the last year and a half. My knees are very bad and can barely stand because of the pain and restriction of my joints. The specialist told me I would need full knee replacement on both knees. This operation has its own complications, and was advised by the specialist that it could make it worse, also because I have been in the wheelchair for more than 6 months, the likelihood of being able to walk again were minimal. The risk of infection is high and I was told that if infection occurred, then amputation maybe necessary.

My question is, would It be beneficial for me to get the operations even to alleviate the pain or is it to high a risk. I would like too talk to someone else who has been through the same thing, or has had a knee replacement and their experience after the operation.


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