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Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer

I recently went to see the specialist about my rheumatoid arthritis. My condition has got worse in the past two years to the degree I have been wheelchair bound for the last year and a half. My knees are very bad and can barely stand because of the pain and restriction of my joints. The specialist told me I would need full knee replacement on both knees. This operation has its own complications, and was advised by the specialist that it could make it worse, also because I have been in the wheelchair for more than 6 months, the likelihood of being able to walk again were minimal. The risk of infection is high and I was told that if infection occurred, then amputation maybe necessary.

My question is, would It be beneficial for me to get the operations even to alleviate the pain or is it to high a risk. I would like too talk to someone else who has been through the same thing, or has had a knee replacement and their experience after the operation.


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Hi Poppy, Although my arthritis is osteo, not rheumatoid, it affects most of my joints. I have had two knee replacements, one 4 years ago, one 2 years and can safely say that it was the best thing I have ever done. The degree of success though, relies on you doing the exercises to keep the joint mobile and I am not sure you will be able to do those? It is a very painful operation and takes a while to feel better but I just had lots of strong medication during the healing process.

Hope this helps.


Hi there, sorry you're in such pain, you have to be careful as RA is entirely different to Osteoarthritis because of the inflammation and RA affects your immune system it can cause many problems, I have both it's my hands/knuckles are the worse with me, unfortunately I can't replace them so have to wear supports most of the time and take painkillers etc, I would listen to your specialist hopefully he knows what he's talking about, if you look at the Arthritis forum on HU you might get more help from others who have the same problems, just go into the section at the top which says browse communities, good luck


Hi Poppyboo5 and welcome to the forum. As mydexter suggested, have a look at the Arthritis Forum on HU. I have also found some other websites which I hope will help you to decide.

Arthritis Care Helpline 0808 800 4040 They have an on line community.






Are you taking medication to slow down the progression of the arthritis? Also, some physiotherapy may help with muscle strength. Please stay in touch on the forum where you will receive support from other members and let us know what you decide. Thank you and best wishes.

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Hi MAS-Nurse for replying to my message. It has been a long time to get back because it has been a long tedious process. I was all for the operations and was actually getting really excited about it, also a little nervous. I spoke to the surgeon on the 26th March feeling positive with my decision but unfortunately he told me I was to high a risk to operate on. Due to the length of time I have been in the wheelchair, my muscles and tendons have contracted and would no longer straighten again, I am now in a seating position, when I stand up I'm still in a seating position and that is as far as I can stretch. I can at the moment transfer from chair to bed, toilet ect, but the surgeon told me he could make it worse to the degree I would no longer be able to transfer on my own. I am devastated really, I am still absorbing everything and where I go from here. Thank you once again for taking the time to read my message, any advice would be much appreciated. poppyboo5.


my daughter is in a similar postion and it has been suggested by my daughter's physio that she try Botox injections into her legs to relax them. apparently if it works it last 4/6 mths and then has to be repeated.

my gp has agreed to do a referral for this.


Most people think I am crazy, however I was diagnosed with RA over thirty years ago, and read diet was big part in the condition, so for 6weeks I went on a fish & vegetable diet, felt great, gradually introduced different foods one at a time until I found the bad culprits, the worst food for me is bread or confectionery that contained preservatives, also acid foods. It works for me, doctors think I am crazy, but who cares if it works, if ever I am tempted with my forbidden foods I suffer.


I find that leaving bread out helps to


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