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Feel Good Day - Any day

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to this week's post, For this week only I have renamed it.

This is because this week someone had something exciting to share and they couldn't wait until Friday to share it with us all. This is totally ok as any day can be feel good day or feel bad day. Whenever it is - just share it with us all.

We are here for everyone. If it's a bad day or bad week, don't be despondent or upset - share it with us, a friend or telephone/email someone who understands. Take 5 minutes out for yourself, be kind to you. Best wishes to all you wonderful carers,

MAS Nurses.

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Last weekend at work was tough going, but on getting home I had a lovely surprise, a lady I worked with 30 yrs ago, we've kept in Christmas card/email contact over the years, sent me an email, the walking group she belongs to are off to Scotland for 5 days in a couple of weeks, not a walking holiday, someone's had to drop out, they had a single room, did I want to take her place, it's Saturday to Wednesday so I emailed to say yes if work were ok with me having the time off, rang work Monday, they're fine so I'm off to Scotland in a couple of weeks. I've also had an Access to Work assessment who are making a couple of recommendations for me, still waiting to hear about help with getting to work, when I was driving I could leave home 15 minutes before my start time, get to work get my desk set up in those 15 minutes, due to the bus times I have to leave at 6.15 with the same start time of 7.15, which is now really getting me down as I get to work by 6.45 and have to stand outside waiting for a key holder to arrive so now finding that really tiring, hope everyone has a nice weekend x


Hello Jenny Mary, thank you for sharing your good news with us all. I hope you have a lovely time, Scotland has some wonderful scenery. I loved it there. Good luck with the recommendations I hope it all works out well for you.

Enjoy that holiday and tell us all about it when you get back.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurses.

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Hi MAS-Nurse. I welcomed your idea to temporarily rename 'Feel Good Friday' to 'Feel Good Any Day' and I'd like to suggest that the new name stays. And that's largely because feeling good on a Friday has always been associated with people who work Monday to Friday and by Friday are feeling happy that the end of the working week is here. That's not the case for carers. Carers have a 24 hour/7 day week with no contract, no end date and with very few holidays and usually, little or no pay. That's not to grouse about it: most carers do it for their love of and sense of duty towards the cared-for person. It's a great idea to encourage everyone to post about the times they feel good, whether that feeling comes on a Friday or any day.

Warmest best wishes and thanks for all the great help and advice you provide to everyone.

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