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40+ son with schizophrenia. Can anyone relate?


Hi - my son took ecstasy in the 90's rave years in UK. It destroyed his neurones and he has had schizophrenia ever since. He was sectioned in 1996 for 3 months, was medicated with Haloperidol and Procyclidine but stopped the drugs after leaving hospital and has refused meds and all contact with social and health agencies ever since. He lived like a recluse for many years with many evictions until we provided him with an annex attached to our home. He is now safe. He always slipped thru the net as regards help of any kind as he had to request help himself, and of course he wouldn't. If there's anyone out there with a similar story, I would be interested to hear from you.

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Hi Premieji and welcome to the forum. This must be a very difficult situation for all of you. Please stay on this caring, supportive forum to receive help from other members. I have found a couple of websites that will be able to help you, which also give information on supporting carers. These are--mind.org.uk/information-sup... and Re think Mental Illness, supporting someone with schizophrenia rethink.org/diagnosis-treat.... Are any other members of the forum able to help Premieji, please? Thank you.

Hi there Premieji and glad that you've found this site. I've no experience in schizophrenia as such but although I am mostly using the BLF (British Lung Foundation) I pop in,now and again in a couple of other sites. You've certainly done the right thing by having your son live "with you" and by that you can keep an eye on him taking meds etc. You have a very difficult "job" in knowing what would be best for your son and also understanding that there are many things he just isn't too keen on doing- counselling etc. I have a son who is my carer and he's only 23 years old. No fun in any aspect and I feel as if I've robbed him of his best years. From what you've written I can see without any doubt that you have done everything in your powers,to help your boy. Please accept praise for that....you would be flabbergasted at the number of parents whose children stay in hospital as the parents are not able to cope. Let's hope that 2018 proves to be a year in which we can all make even more of an effort to make just one change for the better.

Best wishes.

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