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Feelgood Friday - tell us about your week

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this week's 'Feelgood Friday'. How was your week? Last week we received so many responses - thank you for sharing with us. So, how was this week? Were there any highlights.......maybe there was some good news, or a breakthrough while you were caring for your loved one.

If however, you have had a bad week, need some help, then please tell us. Don't worry about something on your own, share it with us, shout it out if it helps, we are here for you. (A problem shared is a problem halved). - There is a new week just around the corner, take care and keep going.

This week's tip is take time for yourself, have a cuppa with a friend and share that problem if you can. Good luck and best wishes.

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Have had a busy week as garden has had artificial grass laid which looks great. Keeping Pete well and stress free as having a few days away next week.

Son here to house sit and care for fish. Stay well and happy everyone. Xx

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