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Parkions care

Parkions care

Hi all

This is my first visit to this site so let me introduce myself.

I look after my husband who has Parkinson's disease with lewy body dementia also prostate cancer diabetes and kidney disease.i do not have outside help as he is erratic and unpredictable with his daily care.he is beginning to get infections urine and chest and these can cause him to fall.when he falls he cannot mentally or physically get up and I have to call an ambulance.The paramedics are brilliant with him but they should not be being called out for this but I don't know what else to do.

He has a dementia buddy who is great and he goes one day a week to a club for people with dementia. The trouble is getting him to go,he enjoys it when he is there but getting him up and ready is getting increasingly more difficult.he is very verbally aggressive at times but when he is with other people he is sweetness and light.he is very inappropriate in his communications with women in particular.

I am not complaining I would not like him to be cared for by strangers but it is hard at times.

We have a dog who he adores but I have to watch what he feeds her as he has a very sweet tooth and he likes her to have some of what he is eating luckily she doesn't have a sweet tooth.

I think that is enough from me at the moment thanks

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Hi and welcome the madhouse, your hubby seems to be like me. I have vascular Dementia, diabetes RA, SO ON AND ON, im sure you'll get lots of emotional supper.



Welcome, Janne21. Posting the photo of your husband was a good idea. You are doing a great deal for him. My husband had Parkinson's, but no other conditions. He had a device implanted to control his arm tremor, but there were some negative side effects. I remarried after he died, and my new husband developed dementia, so I am familiar with both diseases. He later died of other conditions. I hope that at your own pace, you are learning about what stages may come next and what options you have for your husband's care. The time may come when your husband may be eligible for hospice care at home or in a hospice facility. some states have pre-hospice programs too.

Your dog sounds like a wonderful companion for both of you. I'm glad to hear she doesn't have a sweet tooth. What's her name? Pets are an important part of the family.


Welcome to the forum. The most important thing I would say on reading your post is do make sure you look after your own health. Your husband will need more and more care and you cannot afford to crack up. He has accepted his dementia buddy, you might find if you introduce a regular helped very gradually he will learn to accept that person and will allow him/her to gradually take over a bit of the care. Could you find someone who would, in the beginning, give you a hand, say with the washing or cleaning, then get them to take him his lunch? He might not object if he got used to this person unobtrusively being around.

Good luck.


Hi Janne21 welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story - and for posting a picture of your husband! As the other replies say, hopefully this is a place for emotional support and somewhere you can share any worries or frustrations you have.

What kind of dog do you have? It is lucky she doesn't have a sweet tooth by the sounds of it!!


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