Massive Stroke

Last night my best friends Dad had a massive stroke, the next 48 hours are critical so everything is crossed. After watching the Andrew Marr interview on Jonathan Ross I am very concerned that if John makes it he will not have access to physiotherapy which is crucial to his recovery. Does anyone have any experience of the aftercare on the NHS? John is such a lovely generous man, any help would be most gratefully received.

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  • Ask, ask and ask again for what you think he needs. Some health authorities provide good aftercare, others don't.

    Fingers crossed for his full recovery

  • Hopefully fingers crossed he will be fine, after this very traumatic time. Thoughts, prayers and wishes with you all. Make sure his Dr is fully up to speed, as they should sign off and ensure he gets the full aftercare required, also has he got any Healthcare cover in place, if yes, this should be able to help get any treatment required as well.

  • John has now been moved from Winchester to Southampton Neurological Unit and after a scan they are going to operate - it will take about 4 hours! The part of his brain that is affected is his personality which is tragic as he is a regular cheeky chappie Londoner who loves his Jazz and Blues music and a few pints at the pub! Fingers crossedXX

  • Update on John - 4 weeks on and the situation is so much better than expected. transferred back to Winchester after 1week. Loss of strength on left side but when we visited last week he was listening to his ipod and told me it was Van The Man (Morrison) playing and he cracked a few jokes and said he cant wait to get to the pub for a pint. Overjoyed at his progress, a long way to go yet but what was "life or death" a few weeks ago is far more positive :)

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